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HKU and HKU SPACE graduates may become an HKU Libraries member with different library privileges. 


HKU Graduates

HKU Graduates may apply for (i) Circle of Friends (Platinum), (ii) Borrower or (iii) Reader membership with different library privileges (including on-site reading privilege, borrowing privilege and/or remote access at Electronic Resources (Alumni e-Library). Not all electronic resources subscribed by HKUL are available for alumni's remote access. Licenses with some database vendors do not allow alumni access. Access to these resources may also be changed by the vendors or HKUL without prior notice. More information can be found at card application or you may wish to call 3917-2202. 


HKU SPACE / Centennial College Graduates

Graduate of HKU SPACE / Centennial College programmes can join the Libraries as a member of the HKUL Circle of Friends. More information can be found at Circle of Friends or you may wish to call 2859-8903. Application can be made online or at Enquiries Counter on the 2/F of the Main Library (New Wing).



HKU Graduates and HKU SPACE / Centennial College Graduates