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What is WhatsApp-a-Librarian?

WhatsApp-a-Librarian is part of Ask A Librarian service that enables HKUL users to get quick help in finding information on library services and resources.


When are the Service Hours?

Monday- Friday (except holidays): 9am – 5pm. The turnaround time for an actual response to an enquiry will be up to 4 hours. Enquiry received after 5pm will be answered in the following working day.

If your enquiry is urgent, please approach respective service contact points.


What do you need to use the service?

You need your mobile phone installed with WhatsApp and connected to mobile/ WIFI network.


When should you use the service?

The service is good for asking quick and simple questions that can be answered in short responses. Please note no voice or video message will be answered. If you need in-depth subject information, please use Email-a-Librarian.


What does the service cost?

Sending messages via WhatsApp is free of charge. But subscription fee to WhatsApp and mobile carrier may incur costs.


What kind of information should I supply?

You may leave your email and name if you need follow-up consultation on subject resources.



We welcome your feedback. Please send comments by Email-A-Librarian.


Important : Please read the HKU Libraries' Personal Information Collection Statements.