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Interlibrary Loans Services


Interbranch Returns

This interbranch return service excludes short loans of 14 days or less, i.e. journals, audio-visual materials, pamphlets and reserves and thread-bound materials. All materials except those mentioned earlier may be returned to any HKU Libraries circulation counters or book drops.


Storage Collection Document Delivery

All registered HKUL borrowers can request materials in Storage. Requested articles will be delivered electronically and books can be picked up in any specified branch. Bound journals can only be borrowed by Academic staff, research staff, honorary staff, SPACE academic staff, technicians and postgraduates and undergraduates.


Interlibrary Loan

The Lending Services and Learning Environments procures resources which are not available in the University Libraries from local and overseas sources.

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Eligible Users

All eligible users will be given an assigned quota per academic year.  If the number of requested items exceeds this quota, a cost recovery basis charge will be applied.  Additional quotas are available upon request to the Librarian.  The following table gives details:

User Type Quota
(incl. CRL Collections)
Terms of Service I / Band G or above staff 40
Research Staff, Research Assistants and Demonstrators 40
Honorary Staff 40
Postgraduates of the University of Hong Kong 40
Final year degree students 1 25
Non-final year degree students 25 2
SPACE Academics 40
SPACE higher degree students (local resources only) 40

1 Supervisor’s endorsement is required if the number of requested items exceeds quota.
10 quotas for any ILL materials and 15 quotas for CRL collections respectively.


Types of materials can be requested via ILL:

  • Loans of books and scores
  • Photocopies of journal articles
  • Photocopies of book chapters
  • Theses which can be circulated in the library

Expected time for the items to arrive the library:

  • Loans and photocopies from local institutes: 1 week
  • Loans and photocopies from overseas institutes: 2 - 3 week

** Ninety percent of the resources arrive the library within the time-frame mentioned above.  The rest of them depend on the availability of the resources and the workload of the lenders.


Overseas Book Loan Initiative

The Libraries will purchase requested books not available for loan in Hong Kong.  If the purchase cannot be fulfilled within five working days, the item will be obtained overseas through interlibrary loans.  Cost arising from such requests will be borne by the Libraries.

This applies to all books requested via the ILLIAD Interlibrary Loans Request e-Form. If the requested title is not available in any local libraries, the Libraries will try to purchase a copy for inclusion in the collection. However, if the purchase cannot be filled within four working days, the item will be obtained overseas through the usual interlibrary loans procedure.



Off Campus Article Delivery

Terms of Service I / Band G or above (TOSI) staff from the main campus can send online requests via Interlibrary Loan Request Form to obtain photocopies of journal articles held in medical and dental and vice versa for medical and dental TOSI staff for journals held in the main library. Each photocopy request will cost HKD0.3 per page.


Eligible Users

Terms of Service I / Band G or above staff (excluding Research Assistants and Demonstrators).


JULAC Libraries Access

The JULAC card allows access to the resources in libraries of other UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong.