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Online Renewal

Users can renew loans online from "MYACCOUNT@HKUL" on the library homepage.



What kinds of materials can be renewed?

Most items can be renewed online except if:

  • An item is requested or recalled by another user
  • An HKUL or HKALL item has reached the maximum loan renewal period
  • An item is on 3-hours loan period
  • An item has been declared lost and billed for replacement
  • The borrower whose borrowing privilege has been suspended or terminated
    • Borrower's  account has outstanding charges that exceeds the prescribed limit
    • Borrower's  account has overdue recalled item or more than 5 long overdue items



Renewal limits

Users are allowed to renew loans up to the maximum loan period unless a hold or recall has been placed. Once the maximum loan period is reached, the item must be returned in order to be checked-out again. 

The maximum loan period for each loan period (HKUL items):

Loan period Maximum loan period (with renewal)
1 day 6 days
2 days 12 days
7 days 42 days
14 days 84 days
60 days 360 days
180 days 1080 days


The maximum loan period for each loan period (HKALL items):

User Type Loan period Maximum loan period
(with renewal)
Honorary staff 15 days 45 days
Non-academic staff
SPACE Non-academic staff and Part-time tutors
International College (IC) Students
Community College Students
Centennial College Students
Academic, Professional & Senior, Administrative and Research staff 30 days 90 days
Visiting scholars
SPACE Academic staff



How to renew items online?

  1. Access your circulation record from "MYACCOUNT@HKUL” on the library homepage
    • HKU Staff and Students: Enter your HKU Portal ID and PIN. (If you do not have a Portal ID and PIN or have forgotten yours, please refer to the Information Technology Services web page).
    • Other library users (including SPACE, alumni, Circle of Friends, JULAC users and distance learners in Mainland China): Enter your Library Card Number and PIN (First time users can set up a PIN here. If you have forgotten your PIN, please approach Services Counter for help).
  2. View your record
    • “Loans” tab indicates the number of items that have been borrowed.
  3. Renew your items
    • Click “Renew all” or click on the "Loans" tab to display all checked-out items and select the desired item to renew. The new due date is calculated from the date of renewal.
    • If there is no option to renew, you may click into the details of loans to see why renewal is not available.
  4. Items renewed
    • A message “Renewed” and a new due date will be displayed if renewal is successful.
    • A message "Only some loans have been successfully renewed" will be displayed if not all renewals were successful.
  5. Sign out
    • Click on your full name displayed at the upper right corner and press “Sign out” to exit your circulation record.

Please visit the quick guide for more details.