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Technical Support

Wireless Access 


What is Wireless?

Wireless network allows users to connect to the Internet via radio transmission without using network cables. So, you can surf the web without the hazzle of the connecting wires.


Where can I go wireless?


Wireless hotspots are available in the reading area of the HKU Libraries. Each hotspot provides a 50m-radius coverage for a semi-open area.


How can I go wireless?


Users wishing to go wireless with their devices, e.g. notebook computers, handheld palms, on campus should configure their devices. Please visit the Information Technology Services website for details. For library users who are not current HKU staff or student (i.e. without HKU Portal account), please refer to Wi-Fi.HK via HKU


IMPORTANT: Wi-Fi.HK via HKU uses unencrypted channel and it is not recommended for conducting confidential transactions or transmiting sensitive data.