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Special Collections houses a wealth of information covering almost every aspect of Hong Kong history and life. We strive to collect, organize and preserve Hong Kong related archival & manuscript materials that have historical and research value to support the learning, teaching, and research needs of the University community. To provide an overview of the primary resource materials, some finding aids or inventory lists have been compiled to facilitate users to browse the contents.


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Archival Collections

Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Collection

Commonly known as Yaumati Ferry, the Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry had a long presence in Hong Kong providing vehicular ferry service across the Victoria Harbour. This archival collection includes fragmentary records of Yaumati Ferry, such as franchise documents, finance & account records, ferry services, maps & plans, newspaper clippings etc. Lists of contents are available:

Hong Kong Property Sales Brochures

When purchasing a first-hand property, be it completed or uncompleted, the sales brochure (售樓說明書) provides useful information on location, layout plan, saleable area, etc. The Libraries has been collecting local property sales brochures since 1970s, the collection has now grown to over 700 booklets, while chiefly residential but a few commercial/industrial buildings are also included. The earliest brochures of the collection go back to Empire Theatre Building (璇宮戲院大廈) on King's Road in 1957, The Empire Court (蟾宮大廈) on Hysan Avenue in 1958, and Haven Court (希雲大廈) on Leighton Road in 1959, etc. The bulk of the collection is between 1980s and 1990s. Brochures cover both private properties and different government subsidized home ownership schemes. Lists of brochures and pamphlets by geographical locations can be viewed at:

Hong Kong Protests T-Shirts & Artifacts Collection

A collection of some 200 slogan tee-shirts that were produced for different local rallies and protests after 1997, including events of “1st July Protests 七一遊行”, “pro-democracy protests 爭取民主”, “Anti-Article 23 rally 反對廿三條”, “Rehabilitate the June Fourth Movement 平反六四”, and more. In addition to tee-shirts, flyers, pinback buttons, stickers and gimmicks are also collected. Images of tee-shirts, slogans and some gimmicks are available for browsing by request at Special Collections counter.

Hong Kong Stock Market Archives & Artifacts Collection

This Collection contains over 2,000 items of rich and invaluable documents, archival materials and artifacts of the four former Stock Exchanges (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ltd., Far East Exchange Ltd., Kam Ngan Stock Exchange Ltd., and Kowloon Stock Exchange Ltd.), of which the most important are the archives of the former Far East Exchange Ltd. Over 60 oral history interviews were conducted with securities industry veterans, including government officials, exchange executives and other market participants. A finding aid to discover the detailed descriptions of the primary source materials is available:

Hong Kong Tourism Board Collection

This Collection comprises more than 3,900 titles of publications, including leaflets, statistical reports, promotional brochures, maps, posters, as well as films and videos, most of them published by the Hong Kong Tourist Association since the early 1960s. It provides invaluable source materials on the transformation and development of the Hong Kong tourist industry. A finding aid database of the records is available:

司徒華書房 Szeto Wah Collection



Manuscript Collections

Colin Gimson research notes on Hong Kong during Japanese occupation

A collection of research notes on Hong Kong during Japanese occupation, 1941-1945. Documents originally collected and arranged by Mr. Colin Gimson, cousin of Sir Franklin Charles Gimson who came to Hong Kong as Colonial Secretary in December 1941 but was immediately interned in Stanley Prisoner of War Camp. The collection is filled with stories of Hong Kong people during Japanese occupation, lists of internees at Stanley Camp and other detention locations, correspondence, historical documents, Sir Franklin Gimson's account of internment in Stanley, copies of published/unpublished manuscripts. Details and content list can be viewed at:


Deacons Archives

Deacons is Hong Kong’s premier law firm with roots in Hong Kong beginning in 1851, it has long and distinguished histories coupled with influential and prominent partners and clients. Deacons Archives contains the bulk of the early surviving records of Deacons and its predecessors, including client deeds and papers, wills and probate, deceased estate client files, powers of attorney, business contracts and agreements, certificates, legal correspondence, accounting records, and more. The date range for the Archives is from 1846 to 2007, with a bulk date range between 1880s and 1950s. This surely provides valued information reflecting the social and economic conditions of Hong Kong particularly in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. Deacons Archives is organized into 65 series, with over 160 boxes of records occupying about 35 linear metres of shelf space. Content lists are available for browsing at :


Harold Thomas Matches Collection

Harold Matches (1911-1992) joined the Hong Kong Police in 1935 with service number A87. During the Japanese occupation, Harold Matches was interned at Stanley Internment Camp. After recuperation in Australia and returning to England to get married, he came back to Hong Kong in 1947 to resume his police duties in CID Kowloon City where he was in charge of a team of detectives. He was very much involved in a high profile murder case of Lytton Bevis Woods. He resigned from the Hong Kong Police in 1948 and emigrated to Canada, later returning to U.K. The bulk of the collection consists of reports related to Harold Matches’ police work from 1947 to 1948, including police statements books, murder case files, and diary books. Others containing correspondence in Stanley Internment Camp, police IDs, temporary passport issued in Stanley Internment Camp in 1945. Content list is available at:


Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Luke Him Sau (陸謙受) was regarded as a key member of the first generation of Chinese architects. This Collection primarily consists of architectural drawings created by Hong Kong architect Mr. Luke Him Sau and his various business and personal records. Digital images of most architectural drawings, business and personal records are accessible through via this database:

Musical Score Manuscripts of Doming Lam

Mr. Doming Lam (林樂培) is an important figure in the development of new music in Hong Kong. As a composer, teacher and contemporary music promoter, he is named the Father of New Music in Hong Kong. In October 2002, Mr. Lam donated a manuscript collection of his 31 music scores and parts to the University of Hong Kong Libraries, this includes his representative work like: Three Night Songs of Li Po, Op. 6 (李白夜詩三首), Insect World (昆蟲世界), Thanksgiving to Joe-Kwan, the kitchen God (謝灶君). For complete list, see this bibliographic record:

The Peach Blossom Fan’s  translation manuscript by Sir Ti-liang Yang (楊鐵樑爵士桃花扇手稿)

A retired Chief Justice of Hong Kong, Sir Ti-liang Yang (1929-) is not only a prominent figure in the Hong Kong Judiciary but also a distinguished translator.  His translated works include the English translation of Gu Sifan’s (谷斯范) Peach Blossom Fan (桃花扇), a 1948 novel based on the highly acclaimed play of the same title by Kong Shangren (孔尚任) published in 1699.   

The translation manuscript covers the thirty-three chapters of the novel and various written correspondence between Yang and Gu and Yang’s publisher.  The manuscript is housed at Special Collections and is available for in-house viewing. Please contact the Special Collections counter for details.  


Philip Dalen Au Collection

Philip Dalen Au (區達年) (1916-1993) was born in Hong Kong. He left for Shanghai in 1936 and returned to Hong Kong in February 1949. He then gradually started his own trading business in Hong Kong. Philip Au was an active member of the Hong Kong Reform Club. He was an elected member of the Urban Council from 1953-1956. He also held various honorary positions in the Colony. This Collection includes Philip Au’s personal records, business records, documents and press cuttings related to the Hong Kong Reform Club, photos, etc. Content lists are available:


林聲翕 (1914-1991),著名作曲家及音樂教育家。童年接觸到基督教唱詩班的音樂,深受其影響。林聲翕在電影音樂、管弦樂及藝術歌曲三方面的創作對香港的音樂作出了重要貢獻。林聲翕在香港音樂教育方面也作出了多項創建,例如,1959年創辦基督教中國聖樂院,1961年創辦明德書院的音樂系,1963年又 任香港清華書院音樂系主任。《林聲翕特藏》主要藏有林聲翕的樂譜及手稿、文字著作、塲刊、唱片、照片等。分類索引仍在編制中,如欲參看稿件,請電郵聯絡特藏部查詢


胡振, 另筆名古岡(1929-), 於香港從事新聞機構工作近三十年, 自少愛好戲劇藝術,對戲劇歷史素有研究。《胡振先生特藏》包含胡先生撰寫的劇本、散文詩句及寫作手稿,另有書信及香港電影/戲劇剪報資料等。為方便讀者查閱,圖書館已將此特藏整理,藏品大致分為以下三大類:寫作手稿,書信和報章剪報及其他雜項記錄。詳細的收藏目錄,可參看網上書目: 


《香港華商特藏》包含近4,000本的賬簿和年結冊,另有各種書信及文件、合夥契約、合同、股票、存款票及匯款票據等,全 部是香港華商於19世紀後期至20世紀中從事各項商業活動而產生的文檔。當中涉及的著名華人商號有: 聯益行、華南印務、余仁生及余東旋有限公司、廣生行、華英昌以及商人馬叙朝的私人和商業文檔。檔案中亦顯示香港華商與中國內地、以至東南亞及美洲各地的華人商號有密切的業務聯繫。從余仁生及華英昌的賬簿、馬叙朝檔案中,也清楚顯示在海外華人及勞工匯款回鄉的活動中,香港華商擔當了重要的橋梁角色。這批獨特的檔案,對研究香港華人商業歷史實為珍貴資源。如欲借閱賬簿以外之文獻,請預先書面預約。圖書館暫備有索引初稿查閱,歡迎電郵特藏部查詢



陳鈞潤特藏 Rupert Chan Collection

陳鈞潤 (Rupert Chan),曾任大學行政,亦是業餘作家、翻譯、編劇及填詞人。所改編的小說及劇本更屢獲殊榮。 陳鈞潤於1980年代初已為本港劇團翻譯及改編西方戲劇為粵語演出,為數超過百部。此特藏主要藏有陳鈞潤曾翻譯舞台劇及歌劇的原稿件、投稿報章雜誌的文章手稿、以及刊載於報章專欄的文章剪報。當中包括陳鈞潤為市政局主辦的歌劇所翻譯的稿件:《La Boheme 陋室明娟》,《Don Pasquale 老栢思春》, 及《Rigoletto 弄臣》;1997年為慶祝香港回歸的千人大合唱《九州同頌》的國語填詞稿件;刊登於明報專欄《英諺現形》的手稿;出版書籍《港人自講》的稿件等等。詳細的收藏目錄,可參看網上書目:


黎草田 (1921-1994),香港作曲家及指揮,致力推動香港的民主歌詠運動。1959年創辦「音樂愛好者合唱團」,後易名為「草田合唱團」。1970年代又 為舞台劇配樂及作曲,對推動香港合唱事業的發展產生了重要的影響。《黎草田特藏》藏有黎草田原創及編寫的歌曲曲目,另有相片、塲刊及剪報等,全部由傅月美捐贈予香港大學圖書館。為方便查閱,圖書館亦編制了分類索引:


圖書館收藏約190冊粵劇劇本(石印本),全數由芳豔芬女士捐贈。劇本大多來自1950年代的粵劇演出,當中不乏唐滌生編 劇的作品及新世界劇團的演出,如《野寺情僧》、《四郎探母》、《新客途秋恨》等。部份名劇更由芳豔芬主演,其他亦包括新馬師曾、薛覺先、羅艷卿、譚玉眞、 梁醒波等名伶的演出。40個劇本(共190冊)的目錄列於此表此表,如欲參看劇本,請親臨特藏部櫃台查詢。

Oral History Collections

Hong Kong Oral History Archives

The Hong Kong Oral History Archives contains over 200 oral histories collected by the Hong Kong Oral History Archives Project during 2001-2004 which was jointly operated by the Centre of Asian Studies and Department of Sociology of the University of Hong Kong. Currently 179 records have been deposited at Special Collections. The Collection includes memories of individuals from a diversity of sectors, ethnic groups, trades and occupations, associations and communities. The Archives are accessible in the forms of audio discs and transcripts. A finding aid database is available:

Oral interviews with Hong Kong legislators and politicians in 1997, 1998 and 2002

This 2-volume transcript includes 51 oral interviews with Hong Kong legislators and politicians conducted by Dr Bob Beatty in 1997, 1998 and 2002. These oral interviews were carried out as part of Dr Beatty’s project and book, “Democracy, Asian values, and Hong Kong: evaluating political elite beliefs” (Westport, Connecticut : Praeger Publishers, 2003). Dr Beatty is a Professor of Political Science at Washburn University in Topeka. Location of the transcripts and list of interviewees are available:


《業餘習唱粵曲口述歷史》是由香港大學音樂系李正欣博士及研究助理梁麗榆小姐於2001至2002年間在香港及海外進行的研究計劃。計劃的研究數據大部份是基於發出並收回的426份問卷所得,其中396份是由本地參與者填寫。計劃中的64位受訪者的訪問資料 (約共43小時) 已收錄於數碼光碟中,連同訪問問卷一起存放於香港大學圖書館特藏部以供參考