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* Special Collections has cooperated with the website owners to create archived copies of these websites using Archive-It. This provides an important backup in case the website is lost or damaged, ensuring the website's content will continue to be available for future researchers.


Hong Kong Journals Online

Hong Kong Journals Online (HKJO) is a full-text image database providing access to selected academic and professional journals, both in English and Chinese, published in Hong Kong. Titles included in this database cover a wide range of disciplines including law, medicine and education. Issues included in this database vary from journal to journal with the earliest going back to 1872. Currently, more than 491,290 images from over 60 titles are accessible via the database. New issues of the titles will also be added as soon as being received. Scholars doing research on Hong Kong will find this an invaluable resource.

Hong Kong Government Reports Online (1853-1941)

Hong Kong Government Reports Online (HKGRO) is a full-text image database providing online access to pre-World War II issues of five major colonial government publications, namely, Administrative Reports, Hong Kong Sessional Papers, Hong Kong Hansard, Hong Kong Government Gazette and Hong Kong Blue Book. The five publications contain a wide range of information, such as official notifications, proceedings of the Legislative Council, statistics, and reports of government departments and special committees, which are essential to students and scholars in conducting research on Hong Kong.
https://digitalrepository.lib.hku.hk/hkgro new addition

Hong Kong and the West until 1860

The database is to provide online access and retrieval to a variety of valuable information, including sketches, maps, and accounts of western visitors and settlers about early Hong Kong, which are scattered in rare titles located in Special Collections and Fung Ping Shan Library of the University of Hong Kong Libraries.

Basic Law Drafting History Online

This is an online resource providing information and materials from the drafting history of Hong Kong’s constitution, The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Four databases are currently available for free public access: Drafting Materials, News Coverage, Legco Database, and Textual History.

Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online

The Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online is a full-text image database providing access to past revised editions of Hong Kong Laws. The database comprises a total of seven consolidations of the laws of Hong Kong: 1890, 1901, 1912, 1923, 1937, 1950, and 1964 (last updated to 1989).

Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials Collection

The HKWCT Collection is part of a project funded by the Hong Kong SAR government’s Research Grant Council. The Collection’s website provides details of, and access to, the case files of 46 trials involving 123 persons who were tried in Hong Kong for war crimes committed during the Second World War.

The Last Governor Online HKU only

The University of Hong Kong Libraries has created this online database from "Patten, The Last Governor" materials donated to them by Dr. William M.W. Mong. These materials record and document the political life of Christopher Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong, beginning with an interview in 1992, and ending with his last speech to the Hong Kong Legislative Council (Legco) on 2 October 1996.

Hong Kong Newspaper Clippings Online HKU only

The University of Hong Kong Libraries has created this full-text image database from the original set of newspaper clippings compiled for the Department of Political Science by Dr. Norman Miners. The database comprises more than 150,000 images covering the early 1970s to 1994. Most of the topics are related to politics and government in Hong Kong and materials were primarily gathered from the South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Standard.

Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection

Luke Him Sau was regarded as a key member of the first generation of Chinese architects. This Collection chiefly consists of architectural drawings created by Hong Kong architect Mr. Luke Him Sau (陸謙受) and his various business and personal records. There are some 950 pieces of architectural drawings, dated approximately from 1948 to 1968, of building projects in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau and Taiwan. For business and personal records, they include work diaries, professional certificates, lecture notes, office records and poems of Luke Him Sau. Digital images of most architectural drawings, business and personal records are accessible through browse and search functions.

https://digitalrepository.lib.hku.hk/lhsac new addition

Pre-1950 Hong Kong E-books

Special Collections houses rare and unique Hong Kong materials which go back to the mid 19th century. To preserve these rare materials, books published before 1950 and are out-of-copyright have been selected for digitisation. There are now over 250 volumes available for public online access, including both English and Chinese materials and some colonial government publications. For lists of book titles, see English publications and Chinese publications for reference.