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Hong Kong Collection

The Hong Kong Collection is a unique collection of books, serials, government publications, newspaper clippings and non-print materials covering almost every aspect of Hong Kong history and life. It comprises the most comprehensive collection of materials relating to Hong Kong in the Territory. The University Libraries is designated as a depository for books and periodicals published or printed in Hong Kong. The Collection is for consultation in the Hung On-To Memorial Library only.

The location symbols of Hong Kong Collection are as follows:

        [HK]         Hong Kong Collection Book

        [HKC]      Hong Kong Collection Counter Material

        [HKLB]    Hong Kong Collection Large Book

        [HKP]      Hong Kong Collection Pamphlet

        [HKS]      Hong Kong Collection Serial

        [HKLS]    Hong Kong Collection Large Serial

香港雜記The Hong Kong Government Gazette (香港政府公報) 1954 香港皇后大戲院 : 影戲週刊 (The Queen's Theatre weekly) 1924 The Hongkong advertiser 1932


Western Rare Book Collections

Special Collections has several distinguished collections of early western books and journal titles about Far East and China: the Hankow Club, the Chater and the Morrison Collection. Western rare titles are kept in the traditionally furnished Rare Book Room, on 1/F Main Library New Wing. The Western rare book collections comprise over 13,000 volumes, some of the finest and oldest books are dated back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The strength of the collections is principally in its titles on China and the Far East with many accounts of early travellers to Peking, particularly those of the Jesuit missionaries who had a privileged position at the Emperor's Court long before other Europeans were able to reside in China.

All rare titles in Special Collections are retrievable via Find@HKUL, and they can be requested at the Special Collections Counter and read in the Supervised Reading Room.

The location symbols of Rare Books are as follows:

        [U][UX]   Main Library Rare Book

        [ULB]      Main Library Rare Large Book

        [UP]         Main Library Rare Pamphlet

        [US]         Main Library Rare Serial

        [Mor]       Morrison Collection

Western Rare Book RoomThe costume of China / William Alexander. 1805The costume of China / George Henry Mason. 1804

Fung Ping Shan Library Closed Stack Collections

Rare and semi-rare items are housed in the Chinese Rare Book Room and can be requested at Special Collections Counter and read in the Supervised Reading Room.

The location symbols of Fung Ping Shan Library Closed Stack Collections are as follows:

        [羅]           Lo Hsiang Lin Collection

        [善]           Rare items

        [特]           Special Collection

        [特A]        Special artworks

        [特C]        Chan Kwan Po Collection

        [特期]       Pre-1950 periodicals

        [特山]       Pre-1912 books

        [杜]           Pre-1950 books

        [大]           Pre-1950 large books

公是集 : 十卷 / 劉敞撰. 文源閣四庫全書寫本. 清乾隆1772-1795. 公是集 : 十卷 / 劉敞撰. 文源閣四庫全書寫本. 清乾隆1772-1795. 十竹齋書畫譜 : 五色珂羅版 / 胡正言輯選 ; 張學畊重校. 淸光緖己卯 [1879] 十竹齋書畫譜 : 五色珂羅版 / 胡正言輯選 ; 張學畊重校. 淸光緖己卯 [1879]


A substantial collection of microforms is kept in the Microform Room. Valuable research materials include backfiles of major newspapers, such as South China Morning Post, Sing Tao Daily, and British Foreign Office Correspondence on China. Self-operated digital microform readers are provided for viewing/scanning purposes.

The location symbols of Microforms are as follows:

        [MF]          Microfilm, Western Language

        [MPT]       Microfiche, Western Language

        [CMF]       Microfilm, Oriental Language

        [CMPT]    Microfiche, Oriental Language



The manuscripts section collects primarily unpublished or original manuscripts/papers. Manuscripts are kept in the closed stacks of Special Collections for in-house consultation only.

  The location symbol of Manuscripts is as follows:

        [MSS]       Main Library Manuscripts


WTO Resource Centre Collection

The WTO (World Trade Organization) Resource Centre Collection was set up as a virtual collection of WTO information and publications to support research and training programmes of the Institute for China and Global Development, multi-disciplinary research and teaching activities in the University related to interactions with the global economy. The Collection consists of monographs, serials, pamphlets, non-prints, electronic and Internet resources covering a wide range of subjects including policies, trade, industry, environment, and law.

Materials published or authored by GATT/WTO are located in the Special Collections (1/F Main Library New Wing). Materials about or relevant to GATT/WTO are shelved in different locations in the Main and branch libraries.