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Alfred Steele Perkins Collection

Personal papers collected by Perkins during WWII in Hong Kong

Andrew Cheng Collection

Personal papers of a former Democratic Party member (1994-2010) and LegCo Member (1995-2012)

Anthony Lawrence Collection

Personal papers of a former BBC veteran journalist based in Hong Kong

Arthur Gomes Papers

Personal papers of a Portuguese volunteer who served with Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force in Hong Kong, 1938-1941 and as a prisoner-of-war in Hong Kong, 1941-1945

Arthur Hacker Collection

Personal working papers and related materials used by the late Arthur Hacker in his lifetime in Hong Kong such as records on Hong Kong rubbish monster Lap Sap Chung project in 1970s

Carl Smith biographical data

Biographical data of a Hong Kong amateur historian, a similar collection is available on Government Records Service Catalogue

Cheung Family Record

Contains 曲江張氏族譜 and 屋契

Community Advice Bureau Collection

Contains council minutes, accounting records and the records of all inquiries in the period of 1974-2012

Dr. James William Hayes Collection

Personal papers collected by a former Hong Kong Government administrator

Hong Kong Association of University Women Collection

Consists of records created by Hong Kong Association of University Women in its daily operation and participation in social activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong singers

Papers relating to a community group named ‘HK Singers’ in c.a. 1950s

Housing Department Collection

Contains documents and files from Housing Department in 20th century

Hunter Family China Collections

The collection is accumulation by three generations of the Hunter family which comprises manuscripts, lecture notes, glass slides, and photo prints of China and the Boxer Rebellion from the late 19th to early 20th Century

Inaugural issues of Hong Kong comics

Around 5000 volumes, publication date between 1947-2017

Chinese Opera Materials from Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, HKU (CAS)

Contains photographs, books, video tapes, recorder tapes and scripts related to Chinese Opera

Noel Croucher Papers

Personal papers of a former chairman of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Judiciary Photos

Photographs of Opening of Legal Year 2000 (c.a. 200 photographs)

Photos of Hong Kong Cemetery

Contains around 6000 photographs of all the graves in the Cemetery with the information found on their inscriptions and a further biographical material of the dead person where known.

Sincere Ltd. Collection

Contains research papers related to Sincere Ltd.

Professor Stephen Lau name cards collection

Contains around 3,000 business name cards, comprising those - professionals, academics, business, government- in the field of green building, and construction industry of Hong Kong, about 1,000 of these comprises the same but from the Pearl River Delta cities

Publications by old Hong Kong publishers

Contains books published by Hong Kong publishers pre-1960s

Robert Hart correspondences and photos Collection

Contains Hart's letters to his wife, from 1866 to 1907. These letters tell much about Hart's work, his social life and his reactions to current events in China, and his personal photos.

Satelite photos of Hong Kong places

Covered in 20th & 21st century

Sir Lindsey Ride Collection

Inventory list: https://www.elizabethridearchive.com/hong-kong-university-library

The Association of Expatriate Civil Servants Records

Contains various documents created by the association in 1980-90s

The Excelsior Hong Kong Collection

Contains Photo albums, souvenirs and publicity materials by The Excelsior Hong Kong from 1973 to 2019