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Leadership Institute

The 7th Annual Library Leadership Institute

21st Century Challenges for Library Leaders: Technology, Planning and Organizational Change

Shenzhen, China. 8-12 May 2009

organised by The University of Hong Kong Libraries

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Presentations for HKUL Leadership Institute 2009

  • Topic 1 Planning in a Dynamic Library
  • Topic 2 Transformational Leadership: Confronting the Challenges of Leading Change
  • Topic 3 Performance Measurement and Management
  • Topic 4 Technology enabled learning spaces
  • Topic 5 Scholarly Communication, Open Access and the Role of Repositories
  • Topic 6 Resource Sharing: Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Topic 7 Library Advocacy
  • Topic 8 A Customer Focused Organization: Using Assessment and Continuous Improvement to Drive Performance
  • Team 1 Case Study Report
  • Team 2 Case Study Report
  • Team 3 Case Study Report
  • Team 4 Case Study Report
  • Team 5 Case Study Report
  • Team 6 Case Study Report
  • Introduction to Case Study of "Financial Tsunami"
  • James Baldwin text

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