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Leadership Institute

The 5th Annual Library Leadership Institute

Redefining Libraries: Web 2.0 and Other Challenges for Library Leaders

Xiamen, China. 11-15 May, 2007

organised by The University of Hong Kong Libraries

in conjunction with

Xiamen University Library


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Following on from the successful Institutes held since 2003, the University of Hong Kong Libraries is pleased to announce the 5th Annual Library Leadership Institute with the theme of Redefining Libraries: Web 2.0 and Other Challenges for Library Leaders.


This residential Institute will provide library directors and senior librarians from the East Asia region with the unique opportunity to develop new skills in the volatile area of management and leadership in the information sector. The program will provide a cost effective means of accessing the excellent management training services provided by experts in the field from the United States, Hong Kong and mainland China.


The primary objectives of the Institute are:
1 To develop and enhance management and leadership qualities in academic and research librarians in the East Asia region, and
2 To enhance collaboration and foster relations among academic and research libraries in the region.


The Institute will be conducted over 5 days. It must be emphasized that this is not a conference where attendees sit and listen to papers. This is an Institute requiring all attendees to be fully participative enabling them to explore their own leadership and management styles as well as learning new techniques from facilitators and from other attendees. The Institute will focus on the individual manager's role in providing leadership within a complex and changing library environment. It is anticipated that academic librarians from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries in the region will participate.


Institute Content

Formal Session

Over the course of the 5 days, participants will engage in learner-driven activities designed to build skills and awareness required of leaders in today’s library environment. These sessions will be a pleasing mix of formal presentation, small group discussions and interactive simulation activities. Topics to be covered include:
- Effective leadership
- Managing technological change
- Intellectual property in a digital world
- The future of library technology
- Working in groups and teams
- Optimizing human resources in today’s research library
- Managing your time and managing projects
- Benchmarking technology


Case Study

In addition to a wide range of topics to be covered during the formal sessions, a case study outlining a problem will be given to groups of participants to enable them to work as a team and, using the range of skills learnt during the Institute, develop a viable solution. Set times will be allocated during the Institute to enable case study teams to get together and work on a solution. The Institute will wind up with each team providing a presentation on their findings.


ENGLISH will be the mode of instruction, with limited Chinese translations supplementing.


Targeted Audience

The Institute is limited to 40 participants who will be academic and research librarians invited from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries in the region. These participants will be:
- Library directors and deputy directors
- Library administrators
- Current supervisors/managers
- Prospective supervisors/managers
- Team leaders.


Institute Venue

Xiamen National Accounting Institute.
This modern campus offers premium facilities in a conducive, natural environment. Accommodation, food, classroom, health and sports facilities are all available. The campus is a short bus or taxi ride to downtown Xiamen. See http://www.xnai.edu.cn.


Principal Facilitators

Mr Marshall Breeding
Director for Innovative Technologies and Research, Vanderbilt University Library.

Marshall Breeding  

Marshall Breeding is the Director for Innovative Technologies and Research at the Vanderbilt University Library. He is part of the senior management team of the library and he focuses on planning the strategic use of technology in the library. He designs and develops digital library resources for the library. Marshall oversees the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, a large-scale archive of digital video content.


In addition to his responsibilities at Vanderbilt, Marshall is a frequent speaker and writer on topics of network technologies and library automation. He is the creator and editor of the Library Technology Guides web site and the lib-web-cats online directory of libraries on the Web. His monthly column “Systems Librarian” appears in Computers in Libraries; he is a Contributing Editor for Smart Libraries Newsletter published by the American Library Association, and has authored the “Automated System Marketplace” feature published in the April 1 issue of Library Journal for the last four years. He has authored 4 issues of ALA’s Library Technology Reports, and has written many other articles and book chapters. Marshall has edited or authored 5 books. He regularly teaches workshops and gives presentations at library conferences on a variety of topics related to network technologies and library automation.


More information is available from Marhall’s Web site at: http://staffweb.library.vanderbilt.edu/breeding/


Other Presenters / Facilitators will include:

Assoc. Prof. Jin Nie, Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Wuhan University.
Jin Nie is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Information Management at Wuhan University. She lectures in English speaking, English writing, economics, e-commerce law and internet finance. She holds a Bachelor of Art in International Law from Wuhan University, a Master of Business Administration from Bowie State University and is presently a Ph.D candidate at the School of Information Management at Wuhan University. Between 1986 and 1991 she was a lecturer in the Law Department of the Chinese Public Security University, lecturing in International Law, Conflict Law, Civil Law and Copyright Law. Between 1994 and 2001 she held a range of professional and administrative positions in several technology firms in the United States. She has undertaken research into, as well as published and spoken widely on, a range of information and technology related areas.


Mr Xiao Dehong, Deputy Director, Xiamen University.
Xiao Dehong(蕭德洪) is currently the Deputy University Librarian, Service Support System & IT, at Xiamen University. He holds a M.Phil in Chinese Philosophy from Xiamen University and a B.A. in Library Science from Wuhan University. In 2002 he was a visiting scholar at Montana Tech Library, The University of Montana. He has published 23 papers on collection development and service systems in journals such as the Chinese Journal of Library Science and the University Journal of Library Science. He is also a key member of the Special Group of Collection Development in State Steering Committee of Academic Libraries, and a key member of the Internet Navigation System Project of CALIS.


Dr Anthony Ferguson, Librarian, The University of Hong Kong.


Mr Peter Sidorko, Deputy Librarian, The University of Hong Kong.


Ms Esther Woo, Administrative Services Team Leader, The University of Hong Kong.



The costs for the Institute cover:

- Course materials
- 4 night’s accommodation
- 4 breakfasts
- 4 lunches
- 4 dinners
- Library and cultural visits
- Morning and afternoon teas
- Service charge and taxes


Total cost:

Single student style room
(single bed)


Small apartment style room
(double bed)

All costs are per person.



A number of scholarships valued at HKD$1,600 are available for applicants who require financial assistance. If you wish to apply for a scholarship you should indicate this on the attached application form along with your reasons for requiring financial support. Scholarships are only available to participants choosing the single student style room.



As the numbers for the Institute are strictly limited, the attached application form must be completed and received no later than Friday March 23, 2007 at the following address:

Attention: Ms Kerry Leung
Main Library 4/F
University of Hong Kong Libraries
Pokfulam Road


or faxed to: +852 2858-9420

or email to: leader@lib.hku.hk

or submitted online at:


Successful applicants, including scholarship recipients, will be notified of their application status and payment methods by Friday 13 April, 2007. All due charges must be paid by Friday 27 April, 2007. No refunds will be permitted after this date.


The 5th Annual Library Leadership Institute is proudly sponsored by

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