Leadership Institute

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Leadership Institute

The 6th Annual Library Leadership Institute

Virtual and Physical Libraries in the 21st Century: Challenges for Library Leaders

Shantou, China. 18-22 April 2008

organised by The University of Hong Kong Libraries

in conjunction with

Shantou University Library


Presentations for HKUL Leadership Institute 2008

  • Topic 1 Exponential Change in Traditional Organizations
  • Topic 2 Planning and Project Management
  • Topic 3 Library Learning Spaces
  • Topic 4 Promoting and Supporting Web 2.0 Services on Campus
  • Topic 5 Putting Web 2.0 into Practice
  • Topic 6 eResearch and the Future of Research Libraries
  • Topic 7 Inspiring Innovation: Creating a Discovery Culture
  • Topic 8 Future of Libraries: International Trends
  • Team 1 Case Study Report
  • Team 2 Case Study Report
  • Team 3 Case Study Report
  • Team 4 Case Study Report
  • Team 5 Case Study Report
  • Team 7 Case Study Report
  • Team 8 Case Study Report
  • Dr Ferguson’s Summary Report
  • Mr Keith Webster’s presentation: Why search again and again? Encore and next-generation searching at UQ.

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