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Tech@Ingenium - Facilities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Commons

The Ingenium offers a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer kits and high-performance workstations for developing Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and supporting you to build an AI model with dataset to support teaching, learning and research.

With the advancement of computing technology in last decade, AI has been adopted by many disciplines. Personalize AI and ML are not out of reach, visit us and transform your innovative concepts into AI model and crystallize your ideas here!

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Artificial Intelligence

Immersive Technology Space

The immersive technology space is a focused area in Ingenium with equipment and contents for you to experience in latest immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

Immersive technologies have been adopted in disciplines such as architecture and interior design, virtual field trip and simulation training. You can transform your ideas into immersive contents as a proof-of-concept through a quick simulation. Come and experience the interactive three-dimensional environment with realistic and immersive simulation!

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Immersive Technology

Concept and Creation Rooms

The Ingenium offers five Concept and Creation Rooms for users collaborative learning and brainstorm new concepts, share ideas, and work in groups. Online reservation of these facilities is available and users should read the booking policy before making the reservation.

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