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United Nations Depository Collection


General Information



The University of Hong Kong Libraries has been designated as a United Nations depository since April 2000 and receives, in Chinese and English, masthead documents, official records, and selected sales publications of the United Nations from various duty stations (New York, Geneva, Vienna, and Bangkok), including masthead documents of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

With the adoption of electronic deposit by the United Nations Publications Board, effective January 2001, masthead documents and official records in electronic format will be available for access via United Nations Official Document System. UN Bibliographic Information System (UNBISnet) and the United Nations Treaty Collection are also available for access by the HKU community.

The depository programme does not include publications issued by specialized agencies (e.g. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, World Health Organization, Unesco, etc.) and other organizations within the United Nations system. Each specialized agency or organization is autonomous in the designation of depository libraries for its own documents and publications.

  • Masthead Documents
    These documents comprise the largest category of United Nations publications. They include: reports, memoranda, studies, working papers, agendas, draft and final resolutions, decisions, meeting records, etc., designed to serve as a basis for discussion at United Nations meetings.
  • Official Records
    The Official Records of the United Nations contain a wide range of documents, including agendas, resolutions, final versions of meeting records, and key documents presented to meeting participants. They also include reports on the activities of subsidiary organs or coordinated agencies.
  • Sales Publications
    The Libraries receives sales publications such as selected serials, monographs, monographic series, non-prints, and electronic resources as depository materials.

Where is the HKUL UN Depository located?

UN print and non-print depository materials are shelved in the Lui Che Woo Law Library. These materials are available to faculty, staff, students, visiting researchers as well as the general public for consultation during Law Library opening hours. For further information, please contact the Law Library at 3917-2914.

The University Libraries also acquires materials about and published by the United Nations that are not distributed through the depository programme. These are shelved in different locations in the Main and branch libraries. Click here for details on individual collections and databases.