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United Nations Depository Collection


Library Collections

HKU Libraries' UN collection consists of monographs, serials, non-prints, and electronic resources covering a wide range of subjects including policies, social issues, education, technology, commerce, and law. The following includes the Libraries' UN Depository and UN Non-depository materials.


United Nations Official Document System

Free access to United Nations Official Document System is available to depository libraries. This is the official repository for documents published by the United Nations. The full text of documents dating back to 1992 is accessible in all official languages of the United Nations - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. It includes:

  • UN Documentation, 1992-
  • UN Resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council, 1946-
  • Daily journals from New York, Geneva, and Vienna
  • Daily list of documents from New York, Geneva, and Vienna

United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBISnet)

UNBISnet is part of the electronic deposit. It is the primary index to United Nations documentation published since 1979, or earlier for selected major documents. It is also the catalogue of UN publications and documentation indexed by the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva; and non-UN publications held in the collection of the Dag Hammarskjold Library. It includes:

  • Voting Records of all resolutions adopted by:
    • General Assembly (38th session, 1983-)
    • Security Council beginning with its 1st year (1946-)
  • Index to Speeches for the main United Nations organs:
    • General Assembly (38th session, 1983-)
    • Security Council (38th year, 1983-)
    • Economic and Social Council (1983-)
    • Trusteeship Council (1982-)

United Nations Treaty Collection

The United Nations Treaty Database contains full text of all agreements published in the UN Treaty Series and Multilateral Treaties deposited with the Secretary General. Free access is also available to depository libraries.


Major HKU Libraries Non-Depository UN Materials

The following are major non-depository UN materials located in the Law Library

  • Full Text:
    • United Nations documents and publications. Law Library Collection [microform]. Subset of: United Nations documents and publications, published by Readex Microprint Corporation, which include:
      • General Collection (1981-)
      • Segment 1 - Trade & Development Collection (1961-1998)
      • Segment 2 - Human Rights Collection (1946-)
    • Yearbook / United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (1993-) [Print]
    • Yearbook of the International Law Commission (1987, 1989-) [Print]
  • Index plus Selected Full Text:
    • Treaty Series / League of Nations, v.1 (1920) - v.205 (1944/1946) [Print]
    • Treaty Series / United Nations, v.1-v.900 (1946-1975), v.901- (1976-) [Microform]
    • Treaty Series (1969-1977) [Print]
    • Current United Nations Treaty index (1997-) [Print]
    • United Nations Master Treaty Index On CD ROM (1995-) [Standalone CD]
    • Index to United Nations documents and publications (1956-) [Standalone CD]
    • Access UN (1998-) [Web] (Web version of Index to United Nations documents and publications)

To retrieve ALL UN materials in HKU Libraries:

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  1. Search FIND@HKUL
  2. Click <Advanced Search>.
  3. Enter: Title contains "United Nations".
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