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Library Course Materials


Unlike a conventional keyword search, cited reference search is able to find relevant articles through the citation patterns in the scholarly world. This course mainly covers two major databases, Web of Science and Scopus.


  • Endnote Workshops

This workshop offers basic and advanced skills to build and manage your Endnote 20 library. It covers:

1. Basic set up:

  • Create an Endnote 20 library

2. Build your Endnote 20 library:

  • Direct export from FIND@HKUL, Academic Search Complete & Google Scholar
  • Manual input
  • Change citation style, remove duplicates, edit references and backup your library
  • Import & attach PDF files and find PDF full text

3. Cite While You Write:

  • Insert citation, edit citation, remove field codes

4. Manage a large library:

  • Create custom groups
  • Create smart groups

Note: Endnote is a citation management software that enables you to organize references and cite the sources while writing your paper. HKU has taken out an Endnote site licence which permits current HKU staff and students to use the software both on campus or on their PC. Other users can use Endnote on PCs provided in the HKU Libraries.


In this workshop, you will learn to use Find@HKUL and multi-disciplinary databases.

Find@HKUL: provide a one-stop search platform for HKUL collection.

We will cover:
1. Simple Search
2. Advanced Search
3. Troubleshooting
Multidisciplinary Databases: offer in-depth search for scholarly resources across disciplines.
We will cover:
1. Overview of the frequently used key databases
2. Proquest as an example
  • Freshmen Orientation
Through the orientation, you can:
  • Know more about your new information environment
  • Learn about the library services and learning facilities
  • Participate in our online game


Through the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify and access the resources to put up a literature review
  • Master the basic search skills to find pertinent information
  • Set up alerts to keep updated on latest research
  • Configure or install applications to facilitate learning and research
  • Recognize the importance of academic integrity through ethical use of information and research data management
  • Identify the library services and facilities in support of your research cycle, such as online access, borrowing, book a space, secure materials beyond HKU Libraries


Turnitin is a text-matching platform that helps spot possible cases of plagiarism. This Seminar aims to assist RPG students in understanding how to submit their theses to Turnitin and to interpret the originality reports.


Through this workshop, you will learn how to configure and install the essential software and Apps to facilitate your workflow, including:

  • Mobile@HKUL: Quick mobile access to HKU library information and services
  • Reload via HKUL: A bookmarklet to facilitate access to HKUL subscribed resources from a publisher website
  • HKU Library Search Assistant: A plugin to search HKU Libraries Catalogue and other popular databases within your browser and access HKUL subscribed resources from a publisher website
  • Google Scholar: Link to HKUL full text subscriptions through ViewIt@HKUL
  • Endnote: A reference management software to organize readings and cite sources while writing a paper