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(WEB) Strictly business : the Kwek Leng Beng story / Peh Shing Huei.
Book by Peh, Shing Huei, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Company Pte. Limited and Nutgraf Holdings Pte Ltd, [2024])
(WEB) The fintech nation : excellence unlocked in Singapore / Varun Mittal, Lillian Koh.
Book by Mittal, Varun, & Koh, Lillian, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing, 2024.)
(WEB) China's high-tech companies : case studies of China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) / Tai Wei Lim.
Book by Lim, Tai-Wei, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing, 2024.)
(WEB) The King's Chinese : from barber to banker, the story of Yeap Chor Ee and the Straits Chinese / Daryl Yeap.
Book by Yeap, Daryl, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing, 2024.)
(WEB) Quantitative global bond portfolio management / Gueorgui S Konstantinov, Resonanz Capital, Germany, Frank J Fabozzi, John Hopkins University, USA, Joseph Simonian, Autonomous Investment Technologies, USA.
Book by Konstantinov, Georgi, & Fabozzi, Frank J., & Simonian, Joseph Stephen, (New Jersey : World Scientific, [2024])
(WEB) World's transition toward a green economy : achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals and promoting the role of green finance / Xugang Yu, Dentons Law Offices, China, Mario Tettamanti, Link to Beijing Consulting Partnership, China-Switzerland, and Cristiano Rizzi, Link to Beijing Consulting Partnership, China-Italy.
Book by Yu, Xugang, & Tettamanti, Mario, & Rizzi, Cristiano, (New Jersey : World scientific, 2024.)
(WEB) Marketwired Canada.
(Toronto, Ontario : Marketwired Canada, 2013-)
(WEB) Marketwire Canada.
(Toronto, Ontario : Marketwire Canada, 2007-2013.)
(WEB) CCNMatthews.
(Toronto, Ontario : Marketwire Canada, -2007.)
(WEB) HB139 Spatial econometrics : spatial autoregressive models / Lung-Fei Lee, Ohio State University, USA.
Book by Lee, Lung-fei, (New Jersey : World Scientific, 2024.)
(WEB) HB501 Social democracy, capitalism, and competition : a manifesto / Marcel Boyer.
Book by Boyer, Marcel, (Montreal ; Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2023])
(WEB) HC112.5.B54 Fortune favours a Bieler : adventures in life, love, and business / Philippe Bieler.
Book by Bieler, Philippe E., (Montreal ; Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2023])
(WEB) HC188.S3 Social change, industrialization, and the service economy in São Paulo, 1950-2020 / Francisco Vidal Luna and Herbert S. Klein.
Book by Luna, Francisco Vidal, & Klein, Herbert S., (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2022.)
(WEB) HC286.6 Unwitting architect : German primacy and the origins of neoliberalism / Julian Germann.
Book by Germann, Julian, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2021])
(WEB) HC475 The struggle for development in Iran : the evolution of governance, economy, and society / Pooya Azadi, Mohsen B. Mesgaran, and Matin Mirramezani.
Book by Azadi, Pooya, & Mesgaran, Mohsen B., & Mirramezani, Matin, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2022])
(WEB) HC79.I55 Inclusive disruption : digital capitalism, deep technology and trade disputes / David Lee Kuo Chuen, Linda Low, Joseph Lim, Carmen Shih Chia Mei, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore.
Book by Lee, David, (Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, [2024])
(WEB) HD1333.E83 Poverty as subsistence : the World Bank and pro-poor land reform in Eurasia / Mihai Varga.
Book by Varga, Mihai, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2023])
(WEB) HD2057.5.Z8 States of cultivation : imperial transition and scientific agriculture in the eastern Mediterranean / Elizabeth R. Williams.
Book by Williams, Elizabeth R., (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2023])
(WEB) HD5857 Varieties of Precarity : Melting Labour and the Failure to Protect Workers in the Korean Welfare State / Sophia Seung-yoon Lee.
Book by Seung-yoon Lee, Sophia, (Bristol : Policy Press, an imprint of Bristol University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) HD5858.D65 Jobless growth in the Dominican Republic : disorganization, precarity, and livelihoods / Christian Krohn-Hansen.
Book by Krohn-Hansen, Christian, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2022])
(WEB) HD5858.J3 Precarious Asia : global capitalism and work in Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia / Arne L. Kalleberg, Kevin Hewison, and Kwang-Yeong Shin.
Book by Kalleberg, Arne L., & Hewison, Kevin, & Sin, Kwang-yŏng, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2022])
(WEB) HD6077 Beyond the kitchen table : Black women and global food systems / edited by Priscilla McCutcheon, Latrica E. Best, and Theresa Rajack-Talley.
Book by McCutcheon, Priscilla & Best, Latrica E., & Rajack-Talley, Theresa Ann, (Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, 2023.)
(WEB) HD9000.6 Shadow negotiators : how UN organizations shape the rules of world trade for food security / Matias E. Margulis.
Book by Margulis, Matias, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2023])
(WEB) HD9675.S832 The Muscle Trade : The Use and Supply of Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs
Book by Gibbs, Nick, (Bristol University Press 2023)
(WEB) HF1365 The Edwin Fox : How an Ordinary Sailing Ship Connected the World in the Age of Globalization, 1850-1914.
Book by Cothran, Boyd, & Shubert, Adrian., (Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 2023.)
(WEB) HG3756.U54 Delinquent : inside America's debt machine / Elena Botella.
Book by Botella, Elena, (Oakland,California : University of California Press, [2022])
(WEB) HX385.2.A8 The discovery of Iran : Taghi Arani, a radical cosmopolitanism / Ali Mirsepassi.
Book by Mirsepassi, Ali, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2021])
(WEB) HX758.A3 The red decades : Communism as movement and culture in Korea, 1919-1945 / Vladimir Tikhonov.
Book by Tikhonov, V. M., (Honolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press : Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaiʻi, [2023])
(WEB) QA76.9.B56 Let them eat crypto : the blockchain scam that's ruining the world / Peter Howson.
Book by Howson, Peter, (London : Pluto Press, 2023.)
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(WEB) HB851 人口論綱要 : 現代人口問題與中國 / 許仕廉著.
Book by 許仕廉, (上海 : 中華書局, 民國23 [1934])
(WEB) HC427.8 總裁經濟建設言論槪要 / 中央組織部編.
Book by 蔣介石, ([重慶] : 中央祕書處文化驛站總管理處, 民國30年 [1941])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計畫表解分圖 / 項衡方編纂.
Book by 項衡方, ([China] : 改進出版社, 中華民國32年 [1943])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計畫表解分圖 / 項衡方編纂.
Book by 項衡方, ([China] : 改進出版社, 中華民國30年 [1941])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計畫表解分圖 / 項衡方編纂.
Book by 項衡方, ([China] : 改進出版社, 中華民國30年 [1941])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計畫表解(附圖) / 歐陽纓編.
Book by 歐陽纓, (上海 : 亞新地學社, 中華民國18年 [1929])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計劃之硏究 / 蔣靜一著.
Book by 蔣靜一, (重慶 : 國民圖書出版社, 中華民國32年 [1943])
(WEB) HC427.8 總理實業計畫之價值 / 田鵬著.
Book by 田鵬, (漢口 : 新昌印書館, 中華民國18年 [1929])
(WEB) HC430.S3 儲蓄實務 / 中國農民銀行行員訓練班編.
([China] : 中國農民銀行行員訓練班, 中華民國30年 [1941])
(WEB) HC79.S3 儲金建國.
([China] : 國民精神總動員會, [1939])
(WEB) HD1486.C6 閻委員長在綏省兩署紀念週印散之試辦合作券整個辦法經過及其實效講話 / 太原經濟建設委員會經濟編制處校.
Book by 閻錫山, ([太原] : 太原經濟建設委員會經濟編制處, [1935])
(WEB) HD3856.C5 聯營專賣研究與實踐 / 王蓋琪編著.
Book by 王蓋琪, ([重慶] : 正中書局, 中華民國32年 [1943])
(WEB) HD4313 應用市政論 / 原著者安部磯雄 ; 漢譯者張更生.
Book by 安部磯雄, & 張更生, ([北京] : 京都市政公所, 民國16年 [1927])
(WEB) HD5307 總同盟罷工 = The social general strike / 羅列著 ; 秋水原譯.
Book by Roller, Arnold, & 秋水, ([China] : [Publisher not identified], [1907])
(WEB) HD5861 職業介紹理論與實施 / 喻兆明著.
Book by 喻兆明, (上海 : 中華書局, 民國37年 [1948])
(WEB) HD5861 職業介紹 / 張乃璇著.
Book by 張乃璇, (上海 : 商務印書館, 中華民國36年 [1947])
(WEB) HD8736 總理關於工人的遺教.
Book by 孫中山, ([南京] : 中國國民黨中央執行委員會宣傳部, 中華民國18年 [1929])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 總裁關於糧食問題的訓示 / 中國國民黨中央執行委員會宣傳部編.
Book by 蔣介石, ([重慶] : 中國國民黨中央執行委員會宣傳部, 民國30年 [1941])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 糧食統制及代用品 / 唐堯衢著.
Book by 唐堯衢, ([China] : [Publisher not identified], [1940])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 糧食產銷合作之組織與經營 / 王樹基, 邢公儀編著.
Book by 王樹基, & 邢公儀, (南京 : 中央合作金庫, 中華民國37年 [1948])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 糧食增產問題 / 饒榮春著.
Book by 饒榮春, (重慶 : 商務印書館, 中華民國31年 [1942])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 糧食問題研究 / 编輯者汗血月刊社.
(上海 : 汗血書店, 中華民國25年 [1936])
(WEB) HD9016.C62 糧食問題 / 許璇著.
Book by 許璇, (上海 : 商務印書館, 中華民國24年 [1935])
(WEB) HD9016.C63 糧食增產須知 / 河北省公署情報處编.
([河北省] : 河北省公署情報處, 中華民國31年 [1942])
(WEB) HD9086.C6 豫鄂皖贛四省之棉產運銷 / 調查主任孫文郁.
Book by 孫文郁., (南京 : 金陵大學農業經濟系, 民國25年 [1936])
(WEB) HD9213.C62 辦理鹽務人員須知.
([China] : [Publisher not identified], 民國18年 [1929])
(WEB) HD925 豫鄂皖贛四省之租佃制度.
(南京 : 金陵大學農業經濟系, 民國25年 [1936])
(WEB) HD9515 鋼鐵的威力 / 汪吉人編譯.
Book by 汪吉人, (上海 : 國民圖書編譯社, [between 1939 and 1949])
(WEB) HD9766.K543 鴨綠江右岸之林業 / 謝先進著.
Book by 謝先進, ([China] : [Publisher not identified], [1926])
(WEB) HD9766.K544 鴨綠江採木公司規則彙集.
([安東縣] : [鴨綠江採木公司], 中華民國6年 [1917])
(WEB) HD9766.K544 鴨綠江采木公司創立第十週年營業彙編.
([China] : [Publisher not identified], [1919])
(WEB) HD9929.5.R33 人造絲工業報告書
([上海] : 全國經濟委員會, 中華民國25年 [1936])
(WEB) HG1284 錢幣革命實行方案彙覽 / 編纂者劉冕執.
Book by 劉冕執, ([China] : 中國錢幣革命協進會湖南分會, 民國22年 [1933])
(WEB) HG1284 錢幣革命救亡方法癥結責任論文 / 劉子任著.
Book by 劉子任, ([南京] : 中華錢幣革命協進會, 中華民國23年 [1934])
(WEB) HG1287 錢幣革命討論集.
([China] : [太原物產證券研究會], 民國24年 [1935])
(WEB) HG2106.C6 豫鄂皖贛四省之典當業 / 調查主任孫文郁 ; 典當業組主任胡邦憲 ; 助理調查王子奇, 朱孔甫.
Book by 孫文郁., (南京 : 金陵大學農業經濟系, 民國25年 [1936])
(WEB) HG221 钱币学大纲 / 厲德寅.
Book by 厲德寅, ([China] : [Publisher not identified], [1935])
(WEB) HG3339.L5 遼寧民生銀行章程.
Book by 遼寧民生銀行., ([遼寧省] : [遼寧民生銀行], 民國18年 [1929])
(WEB) HG3340.S52 錢莊學 / 施伯珩著.
Book by 施伯珩, (上海 : 上海商業珠算學社, 中華民國23年 [1934])
(WEB) HJ2172 預算章程 ; 辦理預算收支分類標準.
([China] : 國民政府主計處歲計局, 中華民國21年 [1932])
(WEB) HJ5801 遺產之廢除 / 黎特原著 ; 潘公展譯.
Book by Read, Horace Emerson, & 潘公展, (上海 : 中華書局, 民國10年 [1921])
(WEB) HJ5815.C6 遺產之會計及課稅 / 沈立人編著.
Book by 沈立人, (上海 : 商學書局, 中華民國23年 [1934])
HKP 331.702 H773 L12 本港就業輔導組簡介 / 勞工處.
Book by 香港., ([香港] : 勞工處, [between 1990 and 1999])
HKP 331.702 J62 m4 就業選配計劃 : 你要找工作嗎? / 勞工處.
([香港] : 勞工處, [between 1990 and 1999])
[中] HD62.37 .C4488 2022 成长力 : 揭秘高科技人才成长模式 = The growth handbook : how to accelerate your career / 陈新茜著.
Book by 陈新茜, (北京 : 机械工业出版社, 2022.)

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