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New Acquisitions List for Economics & Finance

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Call NumberTitle
(WEB) Hungary business weekly.
(London : Interfax Information Services)
(WEB) Journal of tropical futures.
([Thousand Oaks, CA] : SAGE Publications, 2024-)
(WEB) HB141 Global flow of funds analysis : data, models, and applications / Nan Zhang, Yiye Zhang.
Book by Zhang, Nan, & Zhang, Yiye., (Singapore : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) HB151 Joseph Butler : a preacher for eighteenth-century commercial society / Daisuke Arie, Masatake Ohkubo, Naoki Yajima, editors.
Book by Arie, Daisuke, & Ohkubo, Masatake, & Yajima, Naoki, (Singapore : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HB501 Werner Sombart and the spirit of modern capitalism : rediscovering a classic / Christopher Adair-Toteff.
Book by Adair-Toteff, Christopher, (Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2024.)
(WEB) HC800 Africa in the global economy : capital flight, enablers, and decolonial responses / Gorden Moyo.
Book by Moyo, Gorden, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HD4093.5.U58 Chicago Regional Community Leaders' Conference, May 22, 1964, Chicago, Illinois / sponsored by President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity.
(Washington, D.C. : President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, [1964])
(WEB) HD6276.I42 Youth in Indian labour market : issues, challenges and policies / Arup Mitra, editor.
Book by Mitra, Arup, (Singapore : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HD9000.5 Digital food provisioning in times of multiple crises : how social and technological innovations shape everyday consumption practices / Arne Dulsrud, Francesca Forno, editors.
Book by Dulsrud, Arne, & Forno, Francesca, (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, [2024])
(WEB) HG1615 Why do banks fail and what to do about it : the role of risk management, governance, accounting, and more / Nordine Abidi, Bruno Buchetti, Samuele Crosetti, Ixart Miquel-Flores.
Book by Abidi, Nordine, & Buchetti, Bruno, & Crosetti, Samuele, & Miquel-Flores, Ixart, (Cham : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HG1710.3 A study on the creation, impact and legal issues of crypto special drawing rights / Leo Zeng.
Book by Zeng, Leo, (Singapore : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HG221 Money and inflation : a new approach to monetary analysis for the 21st century / Mehdi Chowdhury.
Book by Chowdhury, Mehdi, (Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2024])
(WEB) HG230.3 Monetary policy implementation : exploring the 'new normal' in central banking / Angelo Baglioni.
Book by Baglioni, Angelo, (Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2024])
(WEB) HG4515.2 Fuzzy investment decision making with examples / Cengiz Kahraman, Elif Haktanır.
Book by Kahraman, Cengiz, & Haktanır, Elif, (Cham : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) HT321 The enhancement of the Italian territory : alternative financial strategies for small municipalities / Antonio Invernale, Marzia Morena, Tommaso Truppi.
Book by Invernale, Antonio, & Morena, Marzia, & Truppi, Tommaso, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2024])
(WEB) S494.5.I5 Applications of computer vision and drone technology in agriculture 4.0 / Siddharth Singh Chouhan, Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Jain, editors.
Book by Chouhan, Siddharth Singh. & Singh, Uday Pratap. & Jain, Sanjeev., (Singapore : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) S494.5.I5 Intelligent robots and drones for precision agriculture / Sundaravadivazhagan Balasubramanian, Gnanasankaran Natarajan, Pethuru Raj Chelliah, editors.
Book by Balasubramanian, Sundaravadivazhagan, & Natarajan, Gnanasankaran, & Raj, Pethuru, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2024])
HKP 332.0240835 F49 Financial literacy and investment behaviour of tertiary students in Hong Kong / key contributor, Angus Chan.
Book by Chan, Angus, (Hong Kong : MWYO, [2023])
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(WEB) HG1607.C5 货币银行学 / 吴琼, 何丽丽主编 ; 李秀萍, 汪俊鹏, 马歆副主编
Book by 吴琼, & 何丽丽, (上海 : 上海财经大学出版社, 2016)
(WEB) HG1607.C5 货币银行学 / 张芳主编 ; 白玮炜, 石磊, 侯志铭副主编
Book by 张芳, (北京 : 对外经济贸易大学出版社, 2015)
(WEB) HG221 货币银行学习题集 / 蒋先玲编著.
Book by 蒋先玲, (北京 : 对外经济贸易大学出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) HG221 货币银行学 = Money and banking / 蒋先玲编著.
Book by 蒋先玲, (北京 : 对外经济贸易大学出版社, 2012)
HK 332.6324 L69 港樓變薪術 / 李澄幸、陳智鑾著.
Book by 李澄幸, & 陳智鑾, (香港 : 天窗出版社有限公司, 2023.)
HK 332.67254 L694 打造長勝強積金 / 梁世傑著.
Book by 梁世傑, (香港 : 天窗出版社有限公司, 2023.)
[中] HG3851 .H3978 2023 霸權貨幣的地緣政治課 : 堅實的政治基礎, 掌握住咽喉要地, 綜合國際政治局勢, 供應鏈, 科技發展並熟識國際法, 將是主宰世界的關鍵 / 何思因 著.
Book by 何思因, (新北市 : 聯經出版事業股份有限公司, 2023.)

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