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New Acquisitions List for Economics & Finance

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330.092 D68 China : in life's foreground / Audrey G. Donnithorne.
Book by Donnithorne, Audrey, (North Melbourne, Vic : Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd, [2020])
330.952 Y65 Population and the Japanese economy : longevity, innovation, and economic growth / Yoshikawa Hiroshi ; translated by Charles Stewart.
Book by 吉川洋, & Stewart, Charles, (Tokyo, Japan : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2020.)
HKP 332.10951250904 B71 French banks in Hong Kong (1860s-1950s) : challengers to British banks? / Hubert Bonin.
Book by Bonin, Hubert, ([Montréal] : Groupement de Recherches Economiques et Sociales, 2007.)
HK 333.32 N42 British land administration in the New Territories of Hong Kong, and its effects on Chinese social organisation / paper presented by H.G.H. Nelson.
Book by Nelson, H. G. H., ([Sainte-Adèle?] : [publisher not identified], 1969.)
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HK 331.114 S9 s06 r 關於2006 年度副學位課程畢業生的工作表現僱主意見調查 : 調查報告 / 委託機構Education Bureau; 調查機構Oracle Addedvalue.
([香港] : [Education Bureau], [2010])
HK 337.78 R45 私人遊樂場地契約政策檢討.
([香港] : 民政事務局, 2018.)

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