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Q1: Are there computers installed with Microsoft Office?

Q2: Are there printers in the library?

Q3: Are there photocopiers in the library?

Q4: Where can I study in the library?


A1: Yes, the Technology Zone on Level 3 offers over 80 computers in support of learning and research. These PCs provide access to the FIND@HKUL, databases, the Internet, as well as various application software including Microsoft Office, SPSS and NVivo.

Laptops and tablets are also available for short loan at the Main Library and branches. Such devices cannot be checked out overnight.




A2: uPrint service is available in the Main Library and all Branch Libraries.  Developed by HKU Information Technology Services (ITS), uPrint operates on a quota-based system using the HKU staff/student/facilities access card for printing and photocopying on campus.

Benefits of uPrint at the Libraries:

  • Flexible and easy to use. You are no longer required to specify the printer to which your print jobs are sent or input any passcode to retrieve your print jobs. You can retrieve your print jobs at any printers by simply touching your staff/student/library card on the smart card pad installed on every machine.
  • Latest technology. All our current printers/photocopiers were replaced by brand new machines, enhancing printing quality.
  • Unified system. With the adoption of uPrint in the Libraries, the printing and photocopying service is standardized across campus. Undergraduate students can now use their free printing units in the Libraries.
  • On-the-go printing. In addition to laptop printing, mobile and tablet printing is supported for both iOS and Android systems.

HKU staff and students with a valid HKU portal account can add printing units (quota) using the HKU uPrint app or use an Octopus card at an ITS Add Value Machines (AVM) or any AVMs in the Libraries.

Library patrons holding a facilities access card or without an HKU portal account can add printing units to their uPrint accounts using the AVMs in the Libraries only.  The Library’s AVMs are located in the Main Library (2/F and Level 3) and in all Branch Libraries.

For more details and technical support, go to: https://lib.hku.hk/techsupport/photocopy.html


A3: uPrint operated copiers are available in the Main Library and all branch libraries. Photocopying charge per page is $0.3 (B/W) and $1.5 (colour). Patrons should comply with copyright guidelines.



A4: There are study tables on each floor in the Main Library and all branch libraries. G/F Think Tank, 2/F Ingenium, and Level 3 in Main Library offers a variety of study places in support of different learning styles. On Level 3, Research carrels, deep quiet room and study tables in the Study Zone are for reflective self-study, while the 19 discussion rooms in the Collaboration Zone support interactive learning. The 6 group viewing rooms on the 1/F AV Collection serve a similar purpose. Online booking of these facilities is available under Libraries Homepage > Book A Space.

2/F Ingenium: https://lib.hku.hk/ingenium/index.html

Level 3: https://lib.hku.hk/level3/index.html

Book at Stutdy Space: http://lib.hku.hk/mainlib/studyplace.html