New Main Library Entrance

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New Main Library Entrance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why a new entrance?

A. The new entrance was initially planned for by the Project Group for Centennial Campus & Main Campus Redevelopment more than 8 years ago and was always intended to replace the existing Ground Floor entrance. The new main entrance was created to better integrate into the human traffic flow emanating from the Centennial Campus, University Street, and the new MTR stations. 

Q.  Why is the old entrance only open for limited hours?

A.  Our existing manpower is not sufficient to operate two exits with regular opening hours. 

Q.  Why can't I exit at the old entrance?

A.  More than 1 exit in a library with complexity such as ours, is highly undesirable and extremely rare due to reasons of cost, security and space.  The current setting will centralize the security and library services at the new main entrance with better patron experience, security and environmental control. 

Q.  What is the long term plan for the old entrance?

A.  The usage of the G/F entrance will be closely monitored in the coming few months for further discussion at the next Senate Library Committee (SLC) meeting.  If the need is justified and resources are available for installation of an additional book detection gate as well as staffing for the G/F exit, it is possible to reopen the old exit on G/F.  However, the location of the entrance and exit will be another issue for SLC’s deliberation as the existing entrance foyer and lobby can be converted into much needed learning spaces for students as we are due to embark on a further renovation of the G/F.  A new location for the G/F entrance/exit may be a possible solution subject to the coming review.