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Nov 15 2021

Dear Hong Kong Exhibition

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Dear Hong Kong exhibition


鄉港家書首席攝影師:Bradley Aaron

Welcome to the Dear Hong Kong exhibition, a selection of stories from the bilingual Dear Hong Kong photo book published last year. On this journey, you will discover the cultural perspectives of foreigners who have become Hongkongers.
Dear Hong Kong began as a social project to bridge the gap between ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ communities in Hong Kong and challenge stereotypes towards a more inclusive society. This first volume is a snapshot of inspiring people from 80 parts of the world who live in Hong Kong and have contributed to our society.
Join us on our journey, where we bring these stories closer to you, from the perspectives of our photographers, in hopes of sparking a conversation around identity, respect, and unity.

Head Photographer of Dear Hong Kong: Bradley Aaron

Bradley is currently the program director of EmpowerU, which is a local non profit organization founded by HKU instructors that serves migrant domestic workers and ethnically diverse HK youth.

He arrived in Hong Kong seven years ago, and his time here has been characterised by the struggle of Hongkongers to present an identity of the territory defined on its own terms rather than by ties to an outside culture.

He joined the Dear Hong Kong project as a photographer to help to document and share the role of Hong Kong’s diversity in the city’s emerging self-definition.

Dear Hong Kong

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