Banner for Construction of the Learning Hub

Introduction of the 2/F New Learning Hub

The Libraries have steadfastly been meeting the ever-changing needs of the digital world. To engage our patrons with the next level of digital technology, we will create a new “Learning Hub” (HUB) at the Main Library. The HUB will enable the HKU community to embark on digital journeys in support of digital learning. The HUB will be designed to provide an intellectual deep dive digital approach to drive inspiration, enthusiasm and cultivation, creativity, and innovation.

Within the centre of the 145-square meter space located on the second floor, will be the heart of the HUB merging Innovation, Exhibition and People into the WOW Space or WOW Factor. The blueprint layout of the HUB is targeted to create a single fluid process embracing Conception, Virtualization, Visualization and Production.

The WOW will be the centre of a five set Venn’s Construction starting with the Main Entrance, Reading Corridor, Idea Corner, Multi-purpose Area, and the Innovation Centre.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 16.24.17.png

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