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Q1: What has the studio to do with staff and students?

A1: The studio is dedicated for both HKU staff and students use. It will support audio and video recording, creation of class materials for blended learning/MOOC courses, recording interviews of faculty or student, etc. It will be equipped with a patron friendly studio system with the provision of professional microphones and the capacity for creating, recording and editing digital audio/visual files.


Q2: How about students who may not need the above in their learning?

A2: The studio can also help students prepare a presentation for classes, conferences, or a job interview by using the studio facilities as a means to improve their public speaking performance, rehearse their presentation or develop oral presentation skills. Even students with no multimedia needs in their course works/studies, etc. can utilize the user-friendly studio systems to prepare themselves for interview/presentations.


Q3: Why replicate other similar facilities already provided on campus?

A3: Other similar facilities may not be as accessible as those in the library as they might be for faculty or departmental use only. The Library's HUB is open to all current students and staff. Moreover, our future studio is very user-friendly with no prior training or any high-end IT knowledge required like other similar facilities on campus. Patrons only need to bring their flash drive into the studio and they can use it straight away.


Q4: What’s the use of the Visualization Wall in the Multi-purpose room?

A4: To support digital scholarly research and to support knowledge exchange by providing a technology-rich space for research meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, instructional classes, etc. Patrons can book the space for their above use via the Innovation Centre webpage. 

This section when not in use as conference facilities mentioned above, can be used as patrons’ brainstorming, idea generating area with the provision of the portable digital whiteboard systems and movable whiteboard tables. One set of digital whiteboard system plus one whiteboard table equals to one discussion room.