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Huang Qingyun and The University of Hong Kong in History


Emeritus Professor Lee, Chack Fan 李焯芬教授


Dr Joseph Ting Sun Pao 丁新豹教授 (Former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History), 
Ms Wong Hung-kin 黃虹堅女士 ,
Fok Yuk Ying, Ph.D 霍玉英博士


16 August 2019 (Friday)


6:30 - 8:00 pm


2/F Multi-purpose Area, Main Library, HKU






About the Talk


Professor Ting Sun-pao Joseph will share a general overview on how The University of Hong Kong plays an important academic role and about several famous Scholars who taught at HKU and how they inspired and influenced Huang Qingyun (黃慶雲) towards her development as a pioneer of children's literature in Hong Kong.

After the fall of Guangzhou during the anti-Japanese War (1938), Huang Qingyun (黃慶雲) continued her studies at HKU. Her two semesters proved critical to her future emergence as a legend in the world of children’s literature. She published the only Chinese-language children's magazine in China and Hong Kong during World War II, and later served as Vice President of the Guangdong Writers Association. Later, she received the Best Artist Award from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2009. 

The exhibition talk, moderated by Professor Lee Chack Fan, will invite Ms Wong Hung-kin and Fok Yuk Ying, PhD to take a walk down memory lane and share memories of Huang Qingyun (黃慶雲).


1938年至1939年,抗日戰爭廣州淪陷,黃慶雲到香港大學繼續學習。但她在香港大學雖然只度過很短的兩個學期,卻是她走向文學之路很重要的一章。她在第二次世界大戰期間出版了中國和香港唯一的中文兒童雜誌《新兒童》半月刋,後來擔任廣東省作家協會副主席。 於2009年獲香港藝術發展局「年度最佳藝術家獎(文學藝術) 」。