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The Miraculous History of China’s Two Palace Museums 兩岸故宫的世纪傳奇


Mark O’Neill


Julian Stargardt


28 June 2018 (Thursday)


6:30 - 8:00 pm


Special Collections, 1/F, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong






About the Speaker

Photo of Mark O’Neill

A graduate of New College, Oxford, Mark O’Neill worked in Washington DC, Manchester and Belfast before moving to Hong Kong in 1978. Since then, he has lived in Asia, in Hong Kong, Taipei, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo and Shanghai, working as a journalist, lecturer and author. This is his sixth book on Chinese history – a treasure trove of subjects. He has presented the book to audiences in Taipei, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong and it has been very well received. The Taiwan government bought 40 copies and the Central Party School in Beijing has three copies. He is discussing a simplified-character version with a major Beijing publisher. He speaks Mandarin, French, Cantonese and Japanese.


About the Book

Book Cover of 兩岸故宫的世纪傳奇

Millions visit the Palace Museums in Beijing and Taipei every year. But few realise the extraordinary story of the two museums since their foundation on October 10, 1925. ‘The Miraculous History of China’s Two Palace Museums’ tells this story, especially how thousands of crates of priceless art objects crossed China for 16 years before they arrived safely in Taiwan in early 1949. The book describes this odyssey and the story of the two museums since 1949. “Despite the Sino-Japanese conflict and the Chinese civil war, these pieces survived without loss or damage – thanks to the care of the government, the museum staff who looked after them like their own children, and the protection of God.” (Mark O’Neill)


About the Moderator


Julian Stargardt is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Sussex and is ranked amongst the world’s leading 252 commercial mediators by Who’s Who Legal publication. Mr Stargardt has written a number of articles, authored or co-authored several books and curated various exhibitions in Cambridge. Mr Stargardt is the Hon. Secretary of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Geographical Society; the society awards scholarships to Hong Kong students.
Mr Stargardt first visited Hong Kong in 1969 and now called Hong Kong home for more than two decades. He is active in public service with a focus on dispute resolution, vulnerable persons, geography, history and takes every opportunity to promote Hong Kong as Asia’s best jurisdiction.