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Ch'ing Cash:
Rise and Fall of the Qing Dynasty seen through its coinage


Dr Werner Burger


Dr Florian Knothe


7 June 2017 (Wednesday)


6:30 - 8:00 pm


Special Collections, 1/F, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong



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About the Speaker


Dr Burger is a sinologist and world expert on Qing dynasty coins. He is German born, wrote his dissertation on Chinese numismatics at Munich University, and moved to Hong Kong some 50 years ago to do research and collect examples of minted coins from the Qing dynasty.


About the Book

Book Cover of Ch'ing Cash

Ch'ing Cash is a monumental two-volume set detailing the history of Ch'ing cash coins. The first volume lists the development of Ch'ing cash, its manufacture, and the stages from ivory trial pieces to final product. Werner Burger has developed a novel way for numismatics to present the coins, arranging each coin by individual mint and year produced, which has led to several unexpected discoveries. The second volume contains the rubbings of more than 6,000 coins in 53 large foldout charts. Each coin includes a rarity index and number. In addition, Burger has compiled a list of all coins cast by every mint from 1736 until 1911.