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Macao – People and Places, Past and Present


Jason Wordie


30 October 2014 (Thursday)


6:30 - 8:00 pm


Special Collections, 1/F, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong







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Jason Wordie is an established local historian and writer in Hong Kong who gives historical lectures for a variety of community groups and cultural organisations, in addition to various well-known corporate bodies as well as conducting historical walks in Hong Kong, Macao, Canton (Guangzhou) and Humen.  Jason’s books include Streets: Exploring Hong Kong Island, published by Hong Kong University Press in 2002 and its companion volume Streets: Exploring Kowloon, published 2007 by Hong Kong University Press.  For more than ten years, Jason has had a series of regular columns in the South China Morning Post. His current column, Then and Now, appears every week in the Sunday Morning Post’s Post Magazine.

Book cover fo Macao - People and Places, Past and Present

Macao contains abundant corners of appeal and fascination, and enduring links to the past in spite of considerable transformation, and rapid change in recent years. A compelling, multi-layered social history, Macao – People and Places, Past and Present with stunning photographs by Anthony J Hedley and Colin Day - takes the reader on a series of journeys across physical, geographical, chronological and cultural space and time from the Barrier Gate in the north to Coloane in the south. In the process, Jason Wordie reveals the many dimensions that make Macao the uniquely special place that it is – and has always been.


The book includes 22 original hand drawn maps by Wee Kek Koon