HKUL Centenary Book Talk Series

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HKUL Centenary Book Talk Series


Theme Book:

《東西的故事》安妮.雷納德著 (The Story of Stuff / Annie Leonard)


張韻琪, 綠色和平 項目經理
(Ms Gloria Chang Wan-ki, Campaign Manager, Greenpeace East Asia, HK)


張沛坤, 港大學生會 常綠林 學術幹事 2011-12
(Mr Cheung Pui Kwan, Paul, Academic Secretary 2011-12, Greenwoods, HKUSU)

Date :

15 November 2012 (Thursday)

Time :

7:15 - 9:00 pm

Venue :

Special Collections, 1/F, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong

Language :

廣東話 Cantonese



About the Talk



連珠炮彈式的提問,在在說明「垃圾」不只是垃圾,它從「被生產」出來的一刻開始,已經與大家和地球的生命連在一起,揮之不去。生活中每一個「買」與「丟」的行為,不但在糟蹋自己的健康,也在耗用地球的資源;二戰後迷信GDP 增長會為人類帶來幸福的發展信條,不但將人類變成消費的奴隸,更重要的是令地球緊逼極限。




The author Annie Leonard is truly obsessed with stuff – where did it come from? how did it get to us? and where does it go?  ...  All the questions have revealed that from the moment when “stuff” is produced, it is already closely connected with us and our environment.  Our purchase, use and disposal of the stuff are ruining our health and exploiting the resources of the earth.  After the second world war, people believed that GDP growth would bring us better life.  Humans are being enslaved by consumption.  More important is that our earth is being pushed to its limit.  The author believed that knowing the story of stuff is a starting point and an opportunity for change.




About the Speaker

Gloria Chang Wani-ki

張韻琪 綠色和平 項目經理




Ms Gloria Chang Wan Ki, Campaign Manager, Greenpeace East Asia, HK
Ms Chang joined Greenpeace in 2003 and had been leading the Climate Change campaign in Hong Kong which consisted of promoting energy solutions and energy efficiency to provide sustainable development for all. She kicked off the team in 2004 and had worked on policy advocacy, anti-coal issues, energy revolution programs as well as community engagement activities. She is now the campaign manager for the Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta regional campaign team, coordinating 3 main projects related to sustainable energy future, safe food system and zero hazardous chemicals discharge for the Southern China region.


Ms Chang graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2000, with a Bachelor in Social Science, Major in Political Science and then went to United Kingdom to pursue her Master in Development Studies at London School of Economics and Political Science in 2002. She was the President of Hong Kong University Students’ Union (2000) and the host of a popular radio program on current affairs in 2003 – 2004. She is now a column writer for HK newspaper AM730.