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Speaker: Mr Tsering Puntsok (次仁平措先生)
Date: 7 October 2004 (Thursday)
Time: 7:15pm - 9:00pm
Venue: 1/F, New Wing, Main Library, HKU
Language: Putonghua


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About the Talk and the Speaker

King of Gesar is a collection of living oral epics sung among the Gesar artists in the high plains of Tibet for over a thousand years. Its tales of heaven and hell, conquest and defeat, love and marriage, celebration and ritual, vividly reflect the social life and collective wisdom of ancient Tibetans. The epic evolves with people and time - over 200 volumes of the epic have been recorded so far. Mr Tsering Puntsok is a leading scholar devoted to preserving the work of a Gesar artist Sang Zhu, and reconstructing its fascinating historical and cultural background. He is author or editor of seven books and over 50 articles and papers on Tibetan culture and ethnic literature. Currently, he dedicates his efforts on the preservation and organization of “King Gesar”, the world’s longest and last living epic.

This booktalk is co-organized with Wah Ching Center of Research on Education in China" & "HKU Convocation.