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Reading Club

LibFest 2019
Curling Up With the Infinite: The Creative Pleasures of Reading


Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindrgren


31 October 2019 (Thursday)


1:00 - 2:30 pm


2/F Multi-purpose Area, Ingenium, Main Library, HKU





About the Talk

As friends of reading, we will share with one another about where and what we like to read, about the magic of childhood and the navigation of adulthood, about the poetics of reading and the idiosyncrasies of reading styles, and about the wealth of possibilities for creativity that reading creates. How we will wonder together in this interactive session, has reading changed our lives?1


About the Speaker

Photo of Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren has been Director of Common Core Curriculum since June 2014. Prior to joining HKU, he served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning and the inaugural Director of the First Year and Pre-Major Programs at the University of Washington Bothell. With a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, Gray’s current scholarship focuses on cross-disciplinary learning in the global university and how philosophy, literature, social theory, and the arts intersect with urban space. He spent 2009 – 10 as a Fulbright Scholar in General Education, based at HKU, and assisted in the development of the HKU Common Core Curriculum.2


1 Professor Gray