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Conditions of Use

The following conditions apply to the EndNote software product licensed to the University of Hong Kong.

  1. The software is licensed for the personal use of students and staff at the University of Hong Kong.
  2. HKU students and staff members may install the software in campus offices, libraries and computer labs. They may also install the software on their personal PCs for their personal use only. They may not install on other PCs.
  3. Excessive downloading of this licensed software is strictly prohibited.
  4. Upon termination of HKU enrolment or employment, the licence to use EndNote terminates, and all copies of the software should be destroyed.
  5. The current licence between Endnote and HKU is for one academic year. Renewal of this licence in the future is subject to usage and resources available. In the event of the termination of the Endnote licence, HKU will make general announcement to all staff and students asking them to remove and destroy all copies of the software.
  6. A user may not sell, assign, lease, sublicense, give, lend, pledge, rent, grant any rights in or otherwise transfer to third parties all or a portion of the EndNote software.