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(WEB) PA county decisions. Trial orders.
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) NE pleadings.
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) AZ pleadings.
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) U.S. district courts motions.
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) U.S. courts of appeals motions.
(New York, NY : LexisNexis)
(WEB) U.S. Court of Federal Claims motions.
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) Selected expert witness Daubert filings (motions)
([New York, NY] : LexisNexis)
(WEB) Kansas Board of Tax Appeals.
Book by Kansas., ([Topeka, KS] : Kansas Board of Tax Appeals)
(WEB) Kansas market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Kansas Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Wyoming market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Wyoming Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Vermont market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Vermont Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Indiana market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Indiana Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Utah market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Utah Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Pennsylvania market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Pennsylvania Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) Tennessee market conduct examinations.
([United States] : Tennessee Market Conduct Examinations)
(WEB) JZ6374 The end of peacekeeping : gender, race, and the martial politics of intervention / Marsha Henry.
Book by Henry, Marsha, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2024])
(WEB) K3238.31948 Article by article : the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for a new generation / Johannes Morsink.
Book by Morsink, Johannes, (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2021])
(WEB) K3242 The architecture of desire : how the law shapes interracial intimacy and perpetuates inequality / Solangel Maldonado.
Book by Maldonado, Solangel, (New York : New York University Press, [2024])
(WEB) KE1246 Suing for silence : sexual violence and defamation law / Mandi Gray.
Book by Gray, Mandi, (Vancouver : UBC Press, [2024])
(WEB) KF336 Law democratized : a blueprint for solving the justice crisis / Renee Knake Jefferson.
Book by Jefferson, Renee Knake, (New York : New York University Press, [2024])
(WEB) KF3760 The pregnancy police : conceiving crime, arresting personhood / Grace E. Howard.
Book by Howard, Grace E., (Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2024.)
(WEB) KF3771 Fighting mad : resisting the end of Roe v. Wade / edited by Krystale E. Littlejohn and Rickie Solinger.
Book by Littlejohn, Krystale E., & Solinger, Rickie, (Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2024])
(WEB) KFM1738 Pattern examinations of witnesses for the Maryland lawyer / Paul Mark Sandler and James K. Archibald.
Book by Sandler, Paul Mark, & Archibald, James K., (Baltimore, Md. : Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, 2006.)
(WEB) KL4350 Witnesses and evidence in ancient Greek literature / edited by Andreas Markantonatos, Vasileios Liotsakis and Andreas Serafim.
Book by Markantonatos, Andreas, & Liotsakis, Vasileios, & Serafim, Andreas, (Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2021])
(WEB) KZ5645.5.A98 Fighting machines : autonomous weapons and human dignity / Dan Saxon.
Book by Saxon, Dan, (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022.)
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(WEB) K588 英美法要论 / 李培锋著.
Book by 李培锋, (上海 : 上海人民出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) KD829 英国住房法专论 / 王霄燕著.
Book by 王霄燕, (北京 : 新华出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) KF2750 看美国媒体如何打官司 / 江鸿编著.
Book by 江鸿, (广州市 : 南方日报出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) KF2979 美国知识产权法 = Intellectual property law of the U.S. / 陈剑玲编著.
Book by 陈剑玲, (北京市 : 对外经济贸易大学出版社, 2012.)
(WEB) KNN122 維新政府法令政綱 / 中華聯合通訊社編
Book by 中國 (維新政府, 1938-1940), (南京 : 中華聯合通訊社, 中華民國28年 [1939])
(WEB) KNN3138.A33 維新政府教育法令彙編 / 教育部編
Book by 中國 (維新政府, 1938-1940), ([南京?] : [教育部], 中華民國28年 [1939]-)
(WEB) KNQ1155 种子企业知识产权战略 : 理论、实证与协同发展 / 陈燕娟著.
Book by 陈燕娟, (武汉 : 武汉大学出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) KNQ3402 工程建设施工工法汇编 : 2008-2014年度 / 成都建筑工程集团总公司编
(成都市 : 电子科技大学出版社, 2016)
(WEB) KNQ3402 工程建设法规 / 主编张蕾, 吴京戎 ; 副主编李璇 [and 3 others]
Book by 张蕾, & 吴京戎, (南京市 : 东南大学出版社, 2014)
(WEB) KNQ3425 旅游政策法规 / 梁文生主编
Book by 梁文生, (济南市 : 山东科学技术出版社, 2013)
(WEB) KNQ3800 结果无价值论的实践性展开 = Expanding on the theory of valueless consequence in practice / 李勇著.
Book by 李勇, (北京市 : 中国民主法制出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) KPJ12.9 蒙古律例 : 12卷, 附增例
(北平 : 文殿閣書莊, 民國25年 [1936])
HK 342.202 C53 z632 中華人民共和國香港特别行政區基本法.
Book by China, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 342.202 C53 z64 中華人民共和國憲法 ; 中華人民共和國香港特别行政區基本法.
Book by China, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 342.202 D392 香港基本法解釋權研究 = A study on the power or interpretation of Hong Kong Basic Law / 鄧達奇著.
Book by 鄧達奇, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 342.202 S957 國家憲法在香港實施問題研究 = A study of the application of Chinese constitutional law in HKSAR / 孫成著.
Book by 孫成, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021年8月.)
HK 342.2083 L693 國籍的抉擇 : 香港永久性居民身份研究 / 李浩然, 尹國華.
Book by 李浩然, & 尹國華, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 342.2087 L69 政黨法論 : 基於香港的視角 = Research on political party law : based on the perspective of Hong Kong / 黎沛文著.
Book by 黎沛文, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 344.207 L21 香港教育法. 法團校董會及校本管理篇 / 林壽康、余惠萍.
Book by 林壽康 & 余惠萍, (香港 : 印象文字, 2023.)
HK 347.2012 C517 香港特別行政區司法審查制度研究 = A study on judicial review of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / 陳雪珍著.
Book by 陳雪珍, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 347.2012 G97 香港特別行政區司法權與終審權問題研究 = A study on judicial power and power of final adjudication of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / 郭天武, 陳雪珍, 嚴林雅著.
Book by 郭天武, & 陳雪珍 & 嚴林雅, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)
HK 347.2014 Z63 香港特別行政區非全職法官制度研究 = A study on the system of part-time judges of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / 張淑鈿著.
Book by 張淑鈿, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2021.)

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