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New Acquisitions List for Law

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342.73087 K46 Language and the law : linguistic inequality in America / Douglas A. Kibbee.
Book by Kibbee, Douglas A., (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016.)
KB164 C76 Contemporary challenges to conscience : legal and ethical frameworks for professional conduct / Aleksander Stępkowski (ed.).
Book by Stępkowski, Aleksander, (Berlin : Peter Lang, [2019])
KB241 K81 New media and freedom of expression : rethinking the constitutional foundations of the public sphere / András Koltay.
Book by Koltay, András, (Oxford, UK : Hart Publishing, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2019.)
KC202 I6 K The international rule of law: brise or decline? : foundational challenges / edited by Heike Krieger, Georg Nolte, Andreas Zimmermann.
Book by Krieger, Heike, & Nolte, George, & Zimmermann, Andreas, (Oxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2019.)
KC80 E93 Evolutionary interpretation and international law / edited by Georges Abi-Saab, Kenneth Keith, Gabrielle Marceau and Clément Marquet.
Book by Abi-Saab, Georges, & Keith, Kenneth James, & Marceau, Gabrielle, & Marquet, Clément, (Oxford, UK ; Chicago, Illinois : Hart Publishing, 2019.)
KC82 B63 Blackstone's international law documents / edited by Malcolm D. Evans.
Book by Evans, Malcolm D., (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019.)
KS31 C75 Constitutional change and transformation in Latin America / edited by Richard Albert, Carlos Bernal and Juliano Zaiden Benvindo.
Book by Albert, Richard & Bernal Pulido, Carlos, & Benvindo, Juliano Zaiden, (Oxford, UK ; Chicago, Illinois : Hart Publishing, 2019.)
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[法] KNQ18 .Z84 最高人民法院指导性案例司法应用研究报告 / 组织编写北大法律信息网 ; 学术支持中国法学会案例法学研究会.
(北京 : 北京大学出版社, 2018-)
[法] KNQ470 .R45 人民法院司法改革案例选编.
(北京市 : 人民出版社, 2018-)
[法] KNQ962 .Z4534 支持诉讼维权案例评析.
(北京市 : 法律出版社, 2018-)
[法] KZ6115 .S434 上海国际仲裁评论.
(北京市 : 法律出版社, 2018-)
[法] LA1134.H6 C46 2019 正道·大學 : 寫在風雨之後 / 陳文敏著.
Book by 陳文敏, (香港 : 明報出版社, 2019.)

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