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New Acquisitions List for Political Science

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(WEB) Machiavelli in the Spanish-speaking Atlantic world, 1880-1940 : liberal and anti-liberal political thought / Leandro Losada.
Book by Losada, Leandro, (Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) Modern philosopher kings : wisdom and power in politics / Haig Patapan.
Book by Patapan, Haig, (Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) Envisioning democracy : new essays after Sheldon Wolin's political thought / edited by Terry Maley and John R. Wallach.
Book by Maley, Terry, & Wallach, John R., & Wolin, Sheldon S., (Toronto ; Buffalo ; London : University of Toronto Press, 2023.)
(WEB) BL2223.S8 Shintō and the state, 1868-1988 / Helen Hardacre.
Book by Hardacre, Helen, (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©1989.)
(WEB) DK510.764 Russia resurrected : its power and purpose in a new global order / Kathryn E. Stoner.
Book by Stoner, Kathryn, (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2021])
(WEB) DK68.7.C6 China and Russia : Four Centuries of Conflict and Concord.
Book by Snow, Philip, (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) DS341 Coping with China-India rivalry : South Asian dilemmas / editors, C Raja Mohan, Hernaikh Singh.
Book by Raja Mohan, C. & Singh, Hernaikh., (Singapore : World Scientific, 2023.)
(WEB) DS450.I75 Hostile homelands : the new alliance between India and Israel / Azad Essa ; foreword by Linah Alsaafin.
Book by Essa, Azad, (London ; Las Vegas, NV : Pluto Press, 2023.)
(WEB) DS597.2 Democracy Without Consensus / Karl von Vorys.
Book by Von Vorys, Karl, (Princeton : Princeton University Press, [1975])
(WEB) DT658 Politics in Congo : decolonization and independence / by Crawford Young.
Book by Young, Crawford, (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1965.)
(WEB) E183.8.C5 Useful Adversaries : Grand Strategy, Domestic Mobilization, and Sino-American Conflict, 1947-1958 / Thomas J. Christensen.
Book by Christensen, Thomas J., (Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, [1997])
(WEB) F1415 Latin American foreign policies in the new world order : the active non-alignment option / edited by Jorge Heine, Carlos Fortin, and Carlos Ominami.
Book by Heine, Jorge, & Fortin, Carlos, & Ominami, Carlos, (London ; New York : Anthem Press, an imprint of Wimbledon Publishing Company, 2023.)
(WEB) HT867 The freedom movement's lost legacy : Black abolitionism since emancipation / Keith P. Griffler.
Book by Griffler, Keith P., (Lexington, Kentucky : University Press of Kentucky, [2023])
(WEB) HX239 The Death of the Left : Why We Must Begin from the Beginning Again.
Book by Winlow, Simon, & Hall, Steve., (Bristol : Policy Press, 2022.)
(WEB) HX826 Two Cheers for Anarchism : Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play.
Book by Scott, James C., (Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2012.)
(WEB) JA26 Opolskie studia administracyjno-prawne.
(Opole : Uniwersytet Opolski)
(WEB) JC328 Moral principles and political obligations / A. John Simmons.
Book by Simmons, A.John, (Princeton, N.J : Princeton University Press, 1979.)
(WEB) JC423 Deliberative mini-publics : core design features / Nicole Curato [and 9 others].
Book by Curato, Nicole, (Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2021.)
(WEB) JC423 On Democracy / Robert A. Dahl, with a New Preface, an Introduction, and Two Chapters by Ian Shapiro
Book by Dahl, Robert A, & Shapiro, Ian., (New Haven : Yale University Press, 1998.)
(WEB) JC574 Between Utopia and realism : the political thought of Judith N. Shklar / edited by Samantha Ashenden and Andreas Hess.
Book by Ashenden, Samantha, & Hess, Andreas, (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2019])
(WEB) JC599.B7 Brazil and the transnational human rights movement, 1964-1985 / Anna Grimaldi.
Book by Grimaldi, Anna, (London : Anthem Press, 2022.)
(WEB) JF2051 Political parties and political development / edited by Joseph LaPalombara and Myron Weiner.
Book by LaPalombara, Joseph, & Weiner, Myron, (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2015])
(WEB) JK1726 Democracy for realists : why elections do not produce responsive government / Christopher H. Achen, Larry M. Bartels.
Book by Achen, Christopher H., & Bartels, Larry M., (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2017])
(WEB) JK1896 Suffrage : women's long battle for the vote / Ellen Carol Dubois.
Book by DuBois, Ellen Carol, (New York ; London ; Toronto ; Sydney ; New Delhi : Simon & Schuster, 2020.)
(WEB) JK468.P64 Affluence and influence : economic inequality and political power in America / Martin Gilens.
Book by Gilens, Martin, (Princeton, N.J : Princeton University Press ; New York : Russell Sage Foundation, [2012])
(WEB) JQ1729.A15 The politics of democratization in Korea : the role of civil society / Sunhyuk Kim.
Book by Kim, Sŏn-hyŏk, (Pittburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press, [2000])
(WEB) JQ24 The authoritarian century : China's rise and the demise of the liberal international order / Chris Ogden.
Book by Ogden, Chris, (Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2022.)
(WEB) JV5260 The Japanese Colonial Empire, 1895-1945 edited by Ramon H. Myers and Mark R. Peattie ; contributors Ching-chih Chen ... [and others].
Book by Myers, Ramon Hawley, & Peattie, Mark R., (Princeton, N.J. ; Chichester : Princeton University Press, [1987?])
(WEB) JV8755.5 Immigrant integration in contemporary Singapore : solutioning amidst challenges / editors, Mathew Mathews, Melvin Tay.
Book by Mathews, Mathew, & Tay, Melvin., (Singapore : World Scientific, 2023.)
(WEB) KF389 "Unwritten law" : an address delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 28, 1877 / by Thomas Francis Bayard.
Book by Bayard, Thomas F., (Boston : A. Williams and Company, 1877.)
(WEB) KF4930.A7 Cases and materials on legislation / by Frank E. Horack, Jr.
Book by Horack, Frank E., (Chicago : Callaghan and Company, 1940.)
(WEB) PN2878.C487 P.C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Hans Ingvar Roth.
Book by Roth, Hans Ingvar, (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2018])
(WEB) QA76.9.A25 Personal data collection risks in a post-vaccine world / afterword by Annette Richardson ; foreword by John Sexton ; edited by Colette Mazzucelli, James Felton Keith, C. Ann Hollifield.
Book by Mazzucelli, Colette, & Keith, James Felton, & Hollifield, C. Ann, (London : Anthem Press, 2023.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 China's COVID-19 vaccine supplies to the Global South : between politics and business / Pippa Morgan.
Book by Morgan, Pippa, (Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2022.)
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(WEB) JZ6374 国际警务 = International policing / 主编苏竞.
Book by 苏竞, (重庆市 : 重庆大学出版社, 2015.)
[中] JQ1519.A5 C4484 2020 抗战时期中国共产党思想政治教育文本研究 = Kangzhan shiqi Zhongguo gongchandang sixiang zhengzhi jiaoyu wenben yanjiu / 陈艳飞著
Book by 陈艳飞, (北京市 : 人民出版社, 2020)

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