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4/F Main Library

Jan 03 2022

Mobile Charging Station at the Main Library

Notes for using the Battery Charging Station

Available cables and recommended mobile devices:

Cable# (type) Maximum Power Recommended Mobile Devices Supported
Fast Charging Protocols
1 (Type-C) 60 watts Notebook PD3.0 / QC3.0
2 (Type-C) 25 watts Smart phone / Tablet PD3.0 / QC4.0+
3 (Type-C) 18 watts Smart phone / Tablet PD3.0 / QC3.0 / FCP / AFC / PE
4 & 5 (Lightning) 18 watts iPhone / iPad QC3.0 / FCP / AFC / PE
6 (Type-C) 35 watts Notebook / Smart phone / Tablet PD3.0 / SFC
7 (Micro-B) 15 watts Smart phone AFC

QC3.0 / QC4.0+          : Qualcomm’s Quick Charge

PD3.0                          : USB Power Delivery

SFC and AFC                : Samsung’s Super-Fast Charging and Adaptive Fast Charging

FCP                              : Huawei’s Fast Charging Protocol

PE                                : MediaTek’s Pump Express



  • For your safety, do not use your mobile device while it is charging.
  • Only connect original or safety-certified charging products.
  • Please use the charging station up to 30 minutes only if another user is waiting.
  • If your mobile device is unusual hot during charging, please stop charging to protect your mobile device.
  • Charging up to 80% full is recommended.
  • Battery charging monitoring App (e.g. AccuBattery, Charge Meter) can be used to monitor the charging status like the input current, voltage & charging speed.
  • Take care of your personal belongings while you are using this service



Users should bear all risks and responsibilities for any damages to mobile devices, own belongings; and incidents arising from the use of the charging service. The University Libraries of HKU does not and will not assume any liability with respect to the use of this charging service.




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