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May 07 2021

[EXHIBITION 展覽] Extraordinary Encounters: Malou Hung’s Bookplates exhibition 扉凡邂逅:熊愛儀藏書票

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[EXHIBITION 展覽] Extraordinary Encounters: Malou Hung’s Bookplates exhibition 扉凡邂逅:熊愛儀藏書票

Extraordinary Encounters: Malou Hung’s Bookplates exhibition

The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) and the Libraries of The University of Hong Kong will present Extraordinary Encounters: Malou Hung’s Bookplates from May 18 to June 6, 2021. Curated by Sarah Ng, the exhibition employs a cross-cultural perspective for visualising Chinese material culture through the bookplates (ex libris) of celebrated Hong Kong artist Malou Oi Yee Hung.

A bookplate is generally a small print placed on the inside front cover or free endpaper of a book to show ownership. In an era in which the popularity of print media continues to decline, the practice of including bookplates is fast becoming a dying art. Extraordinary Encounters refers to the surprising ways in which we still encounter bookplates during the act of reading. Alternatively, it stands for the remarkable encounters possible when viewing Hung’s images, which go well beyond the general expectations of standard bookplates. These encounters have the ability to transport audiences across time and space, allowing for the appreciation of ancient artworks and diverse Hong Kong neighbourhoods as viewed from the artist’s extraordinary perspective.

Bookplates have been appreciated for centuries as technically refined and beautiful artworks, as well as critical materials for learning about the history of art, printing, books and design. Many of the works on display here pay homage to everyday life in Hong Kong’s bygone eras—informed by elements of traditional Chinese culture—which forms an invaluable resource for the study of Chinese art and Hong Kong heritage.

The exhibition also highlights historical objects from UMAG’s collection, and items displayed online as part of a complementary virtual exhibition. The exhibition’s five sections range from daily life in bygone eras to the material culture and craftsmanship of Imperial China: Rituals and Daily Life, Collected, Superfluous Things, Revisiting and Craftsmanship. The bookplates are juxtaposed with items from UMAG’s permanent collection and printmaking tools.

Details of the Exhibition (Main Library)
Period: May 18, 2021 (Tuesday) to June 6, 2021 (Sunday)
Opening Hours:
8:30am–11:00pm (Monday to Friday)
8:30am–7:00pm (Saturday)
10:00am–7:00pm (Sunday)
Please refer to the HKU Libraries website for public holidays’ opening hours:
Venue: Atrium, 2/F, Main Library, HKU, Pokfulam
Tel/Email: (852) 3917 2203 (General Enquiry) /
Admission: Free

Other enquiries (UMAG)
Tel: (852) 2241 5500
Admission: Free



香港大學美術博物館和港大圖書館將於2021年5月18日至6月6日呈獻《扉凡邂逅:熊愛儀藏書票》,由吳秀華策劃展覽。透過著名藏書票藝術家熊愛儀的作品,從跨文化的角度,展示中國傳統文化和藝術如何表現源自西方的藏書票(ex libris)。藏書票通常是一張特製的小形版畫,貼在書的扉頁,作為書籍擁有人的憑證,猶如藏書者的簽名一樣。在印刷和實體書式微的時代,藏書票自然也愈趨罕見,甚至連讀書人亦未必見過實體藏書票。



展覽詳情 (港大圖書館)
電話/ 電郵:(852) 3917 2203 /
電話:(852)2241 5500

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