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Sep 16 2020

Intellectual Property Rights Awareness and Protection

Dear Colleagues, Students, Patrons, and Visitors,

To raise awareness of intellectual property rights, and to ensure their protection and prevent infringement, you are highly encouraged to consult the following webpages maintained by university departments and other offices/work units as well as the relevant resources whenever the need arises in relation to teaching, learning, research, publication and other activities/events/functions.

Intellectual Property Rights Policy of The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Intellectual Property Rights Policy for HKU Staff, Students and Visitors

Copyright and plagiarism

– Facts You Should Know About The Copyright Ordinance

– What is plagiarism

Copyright in teaching and learning at HKU

Security Alert on Copyright Infringement

Talks and training sessions on copyright and other intellectual property rights will be organized by university departments and offices/work units from time to time. For further advice or assistance, please approach the contact persons as stated on their respective webpages.


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