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Aug 20 2019

Libraries launches Reading Lists Service

The University Libraries is pleased to launch the Reading Lists Service through which course readinglists can be created for teaching staff.  You are invited to contact your Faculty or Branch Librarians for further details or to have reading lists set up for you.

With the help of ITS, ReadingList@HKUL is now fully integrated and available in all Moodle courses starting from the first semester of 2019-20.


ReadingList@HKUL is a powerful and convenient tool that helps teaching staff create dynamic readinglists that can be shared with students in a Moodle course.  It is fully integrated with the Libraries’ system and HKU Moodle.  Course readings can be set up with ReadingList@HKUL either in the public list at or embedded in courses on HKU Moodle.  With this tool, you can easily build lists to include a wide range of sources such as books, ebooks, online articles, streaming videos or websites.


ReadingList@HKUL, by bridging the Libraries’ system and HKU Moodle, brings the best of both systems to students and enhances students’ learning experiences.  More information about ReadingList@HKUL is available at



Peter Sidorko

University Librarian

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