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Apr 25 2019

Ingenium at the Main Library

On 19 February 2019, the long-awaited new spaces in the Main Library were officially opened.  Based on the 2ndFloors, these spaces have been met with great enthusiasm.

Situated on the 2ndfloor, this new innovative space consists of a number of distinct yet interrelated structural elements.  Ingenium derives its name from the adjective, ‘ingenious’, which evokes invention, imagination, and innovation.  As an interdisciplinary space for exploration and creation, Ingenium is intended to cover notions of inspiration, conceptualisation, visualisation, production and exposition.  These concepts are to be articulated through some of the services and spaces provided:

Exhibition and Event Spaces.  The revamped atrium exhibition space now has a hanging system to enable displays of a variety of objects along with a large screen so that complementary/supplementary images related to the current exhibition can be displayed.  A Multipurpose Area complements the exhibition space and has been used for book talks and other events.  This space is used primarily as students study space but easily converts to cater to events.

Library Innovation Centre.  The Library Innovation Centre or LIC provides a combination of facilities that serve the concepts of visualisation, production and exposition. A Digital Interactive Lab with a large visualization wall comprised of twelve 55” LCD TV that can support data visualization and presentation of high definition images for digital scholarly research and knowledge exchange in meetings, seminars, workshops, instructional classes, etc.  It can also be converted into a discussion area with the provision of a portable digital whiteboard system and whiteboard tables for idea/concept generation.

The LIC also hosts the One Button Studio and related Editing Rooms for self-directed multimedia production.  Further supporting production capabilities there are 3D printers and scanners, laser engraver & cutter and a vinyl cutter.

Tech@Ingenium.  This area focuses on higher and newer technologies with the provision of artificial intelligence and virtual reality spaces and facilities.  These facilities are supported through the 5 Concept and Creation Rooms which provide opportunities for users to learn collaboratively, to brainstorm new concepts, share ideas, work in groups and then to bring these ideas to reality through the other facilities and services.

Special Study Rooms.  Two Special Education Needs (SEN) rooms have been provided as upgrades to the Library’s previous service on the 4thFloor.  Special Study Room 1 provides facilities and equipment for students with visual impairment, including a braille embosser, an electronic magnifier, a scanner and a printer. Computers in the room are installed with screen reading software in English and Chinese.  Special Study Room 2 provides 3 study carrels, each equipped with twin power sockets, for special education needs users for quiet, individual studying and research.

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