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Nov 28 2018

Avoid Seating Hogging at the Libraries

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Dear Library Patrons,

During the routine patrol of various library locations in the past month by our staff, sporadic seat hogging was found in certain spots in the Main Library during busy periods. To ensure that the precious space resources are optimized and fairly used by patrons, we will continue to monitor the situation through regular patrol and posting of reminders on seats with personal belongings left unattended. Please report seat hogging cases to the Libraries via our normal communication channels ( or approach our service counters for help if you cannot find a place to study during peak hours.  All library patrons are reminded that according to Library Regulation L9, books and personal belongings left unattended at learning spaces for more than 30 minutes may be removed to the counter on the instructions of a senior member of the library staff.


Peter Sidorko

University Librarian

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