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Guiding Principles

  • Support Faculty’s teaching, learning and research needs
  • Focus on the circulation of ideas, discovery and learning experiences, instead of the circulation of books
  • Turn the library into a learning lab and an attractive and welcoming place where students like to be
  • Provide an inspirational environment conducive to collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, as well as individual studies
  • Optimize use of floor space through adaptable, flexible, and multi-purpose designs
  • Save energy and resources
  • Allow room for future expansion





  • Add facilities, e.g. number of discussion rooms, seats, research carrels, etc.,  to meet demand from increasing number of staff and students
  • Create a 24-hour study room on the medical campus
  • Install a secure 24-hour book return
  • Improve exhibition space, casual seating in relaxation area, and new books display
  • Enhance equipment in instruction room and discussion rooms




  • 1 24-hour study room
  • 2 more discussion rooms
  • 34 more seats






G/F Layout Plan

GF layout plan2.jpg

G/F Floor Pattern

GF floor pattern2.jpg


Zones and Artist Impressions


Main Entrance

main entrance_0.jpg

Main Entrance

  • Welcomes patrons to a fresh and inspirational Exhibition and Relaxation zone


Exhibition zone

exhibition zone.png


Relaxation zone


Exhibition / Relaxation Zones

  • Located at a focal point with a nice view
  • Provide better facilities for mounting Library/Faculty/Students exhibitions
  • Enhanced soft seating area with comfortable seating and light reading materials for browsing, creating an atmosphere conducive to social interactions

Area designed as a change of scenery for students spending long hours in the library, and away from the work-oriented areas


Collaboration zone


Collaboration zone

  • 6 bookable discussion rooms of different sizes to meet students’ demand for more space for collaborative learning
  • Provides computers, LCD monitors and portable digital whiteboard system
  • Offers nicer views and environment conducive to collaboration and interactions


Quiet Study Zone


Quiet Study Zone

  • Located away from main traffic and noisy areas
  • Provides 20 bookable research carrels with lockable cupboards for postgraduate students
  • Provides 50 large size study carrels for comfortable, personal studying


Technology zone


Technology zone

  • Offers  a technology rich environment with more state-of-the art computing / multi-media / I.T. equipment for students to support  their e-learning needs
  • More spacious and comfortable layout


24-hour study zone

(including study, instruction and printing rooms)




24 hr exterior.png



24 hr interior.png

24-hour Study Zone

  • After-hours access via a new smart-card controlled entrance to the left of the Main Entrance
  • Satisfies users’ demand for overnight studying and rush printing before lectures start every morning
  • Creates a better instruction environment for Faculty and Library instructors and enhance users’ learning/teaching experience through improved seating and equipment
  • 2 pull-out partitions can create a bigger or smaller instruction room to meet different participant sizes
  • No need to open up the whole library for 24 hours for exam period, save on energy and guards’ costs
  • During low seasons, e.g. summer break, could close up part of the room for sustainability reasons