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Media Services (co-branded LES)

Library Innovation Centre

Located on the Second Floor of Main Library   

The Library Innovation Centre is the creative, collaborative and educational space which provides access to advanced software, emerging technologies and production equipment. There is no charge to use the equipment in the Innovation Centre, however patrons are responsible for the costs of consumable materials (eg. 3D printing filament, acrylic material, etc).

image for Library Innovation Centre Virtual Tour
Library Innovation Centre Virtual Tour

LIC Video

Consultation Services

  • You can make an appointment to request for a consultation session introducing how to use equipment & facilities in LIC.
  • For consultation services, please make an appointment with Media Services (co-branded LES).

Available Equipment & Resources

 Digital Interactive Lab  
 LIC Classroom  Editing Rooms
 3D Printers  3D Scanners
 Laser Engraver Cutter  Vinyl Cutter
 Software List  Large Format Printer
 Online Tutorials  Photo Corner