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Green Computing Policy

The University of Hong Kong Libraries



To adopt a new energy conservation policy to reduce the overall "on" time of public computers in order to

  1. save energy;
  2. save money;
  3. be beneficial to the environment.


Reasons for Adopting a Public Computer Energy Conservation Policy

  1. High cost of power.
  2. Computers need a lot of power even if they are on but not used.
  3. Computers create significant waste and negative impact to the environment.
  4. Screen savers do nothing to help reduce a computer's power consumption.
  5. Computers generate heat.
  6. Cumulative effect.
  7. Turn it off.
  8. Break The Once-A-Day habit.
  9. Configure public computers to change to Standby Mode automatically.


Action Plan

Library staff will not turn on public computers when the Library opens each day. Public computers should be turned on by library users when they need them.


Impact to Library Users

Minimal inconvenience, if any. Only the first user of the day will be required to turn on the computer.