Collection Development

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Collection Development



A. Purpose and Program Description

The Libraries seek to support research and teaching in all aspects of politics and public administration which covers concepts and theories, and issues in political science and public administration. As a broad and fast growing field in social sciences, politics and public administration not only concerns political institutions, government and governance, international relations, and political theories, but also a wide range of issues in public policy, public administration, foreign policy, international politics and civil society as well. Apart from the core subject, we also support cross-disciplinary studies jointly offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration with the Department of Law, the School of Economics and Finance, and other Social Sciences Departments such as the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. The Collection supports the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students, PhD and post-doctorate students, faculty and researchers.

Areas of established specialization are public administration and public policy (current issues in public sector management, civil service reform in China/Hong Kong, public sectors institutional design, electoral politics, public policy); comparative politics (democratisation, Hong Kong politics, central-local relations in China, gender studies); international relations (China foreign policy, non-tradition security, cross-strait relations, Sino-US relations, international relations theory, Japanese politics and foreign policy); and political theory (human rights in Asia, political philosophy).


B. General Selection Guidelines (See Classed Analysis)

Overall, the Libraries' existing collection and acquisitions commitment, based upon available resources, and its collection goal for Politics and Public Administration are at the research level.


C. Specific Delimitations

  1. Formats collected: We collect monographs, annuals, reference tools and scholarly series extensively; periodicals, CD-ROMs and other electronic tools, VCDs, DVDs and videocassettes selectively; textbooks and dissertations (other than HKU dissertations).
  2. Imprint Dates Collected: We collect current publications extensively, and earlier materials, selectively.
  3. Chronological Focus: All
  4. Languages Collected: We collect English language extensively and Chinese-language materials selectively. All others are collected very selectively.
  5. Place of Publication: We collect UK and North American materials extensively and other materials, selectively.