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Collection Development

Subject Policy Statement - ECONOMICS & FINANCE


A. Purpose and Program Description

The Libraries seek to support research and teaching in all aspects of economics and finance, including general economics theory, money and finance, international economics, economic institutions and quantitative economics. We also focus on financial analysis, financial institutions, financial products and markets, and financial management. The Collection supports the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students, PhD and post-doctorate students, faculty and researchers.

Areas of established specialization are Asia-Pacific economies, Asian financial institutions; China's financial markets and institutions; econometrics; economic development; economic policy; economics of transition; economy of Hong Kong; financial economics; game theory; industrial organisation; international trade and finance; labour economics; macroeconomics; mathematical economics; monetary theory and banking; new institutional economics; political economy; price theory; public finance; transportation economics; and urban economics.


B. General Selection Guidelines (See Classed Analysis)

Overall, the Libraries' existing collection and acquisitions commitment, based upon available resources, and its collection goal for Economics and Finance are at the research level.


C. Specific Delimitations

  1. Formats collected: We collect monographs, annuals, reference tools and scholarly series extensively; periodicals, CD-ROMs and other electronic tools, videocassettes, VCDs and DVDs selectively; textbooks and dissertations (other than HKU dissertations).
  2. Imprint Dates Collected: We collect current publications extensively, and earlier materials, selectively.
  3. Chronological Focus: All
  4. Languages Collected: We collect English language materials extensively and Chinese-language materials selectively. All others are collected very selectively.
  5. Place of Publication: We collect UK and North American materials extensively and other materials, selectively.