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New Acquisitions List for Social Work

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361.32 P346 h How to use social work theory in practice : an essential guide / Malcolm Payne.
Book by Payne, Malcolm, (Bristol, UK : Policy Press, 2020.)
361.32 S67 P Social work and society : political and ideological perspectives / edited by Sarah Pollock, Kate Parkinson and Ian Cummins.
Book by Pollock, Sarah, & Parkinson, Kate & Cummins, Ian, (Bristol, UK : Policy Press, 2020.)
362.70941 C93 Critical practice with children and young people / edited by Martin Robb, Heather Montgomery and Rachel Thomson.
Book by Robb, Martin, & Montgomery, Heather, & Thomson, Rachel, (Bristol, UK ; Chicago, IL, USA : Policy Press, 2019.)
363.50941 R14 Raising the roof : how to solve the United Kingdom's housing crisis : a collection of the 2018 Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize essays / edited and with an introductory essay by Jacob Rees-Mogg and Radomir Tylecote ; with contributions from Stephen Ashmead [and eight others].
Book by Rees-Mogg, Jacob, & Tylecote, Radomir, & Ashmead, Stephen, (London : The Institute of Economic Affairs, 2019.)
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HK 361.23 A87 香港雨傘運動 : プロレタリア民主派の政治論評集 / 區龍宇著 ; 早野一編訳.
Book by 區龍宇, & 早野一, (東京 : 柘植書房新社, 2015.)

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