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New Acquisitions List for Religion

Call NumberTitle
(WEB) ULUM : Journal of religious inquiries
(Ankara, Turkey : Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Faculty of Islamic Studies)
(WEB) Muṭālaʻāt-i adyān va ʻirfān-i taṭbīqī.
(Zāhidān : Dānishgāh-i Sīstān va Balūchistān, Dānishkadah-i Ilahīyāt va Maʻārif, [2018]-)
(WEB) Poznanskie Studia Teologiczne.
(Poznan, Poland : Adam Mickiewicz University)
(WEB) Rize Ilahiyat Dergisi.
(Rize, Turkiye : Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University)
(WEB) Van Ilahiyat Dergisi.
(Van, Turkiye : Ilahiyat Fakultesi, Yuzuncu Yil University)
(WEB) Trabzon İlahiyat Dergisi.
(Trabzon, Turkiye : Trabzon University, Ilahiyat Fakültes)
(WEB) Quaran and Hadith studies.
(Mashhad, Iran : Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2021-)
(WEB) Religious dialogue & cooperation.
(Skopje, North Macedonia : Faculty of Philosophy, "Ss. Cyril & Methodius" University in Skopje)
(WEB) Jeremiah : the world and the wound of god / Daniel Berrigan.
Book by Berrigan, Daniel, (Minneapolis, MN : Fortress Press, 2024.)
(WEB) BL473 After disbelief : on disenchantment, disappointment, eternity, and joy / Anthony T. Kronman.
Book by Kronman, Anthony T., (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2022])
(WEB) BL500 A beautiful ending : the apocalyptic imagination and the making of the modern world / John Jeffries Martin.
Book by Martin, John Jeffries, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2022])
(WEB) BL65.P4 Peace in the thought of Thomas Aquinas : Philosophy, theology, and ethics / John M. Meinert ; foreword by Gregory M. Reichberg.
Book by Meinert, John, (Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, 2024.)
(WEB) BM103 Jewish Sunday schools : teaching religion in nineteenth-century America / Laura Yares.
Book by Yares, Laura, (New York : New York University Press, [2023].)
(WEB) BR563.K67 The identity and mission of the Korean American church / edited by Enoch Jinsik Kim and Sebastian Kim.
Book by Kim, Enoch Jinsik, & Kim, Sebastian C. H., (Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2024])
(WEB) BR9.C9 Studia theologica : teologický časopis Cyrilometodějské teologické fakulty Univerzity Palackého a Teologické fakulty Jihočeské univerzity ve spolupráci s Teologickou fakultou Trnavské univerzity.
(Olomouc : Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci--Cyrilometodějská teologická fakulta, 1999-)
(WEB) BR9.P6 Studia Theologica Varsaviensia.
(Warszawa, Poland : Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego w Warszawie)
(WEB) BR9.P6 Rocznik teologii katolickiej.
(Białystok : Uniwersytet w Białymstoku, Katedra Teologii Katolickiej, 2002-)
(WEB) BS1181.6 The consuming fire : the complete priestly source, from creation to the promised land / Liane M. Feldman.
Book by Feldman, Liane M., (Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2023])
(WEB) BS1485.53 Commentary on the Songs of songs / Rupert of Deutz ; translated by Jieon Kim and Vittorio Hösle ; with an introduction by Vittorio Hösle.
Book by Rupert, & Kim, Jieon, & Hösle, Vittorio, (Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2024])
(WEB) BS2615.55 Daily Morsels : A Devotional Reading through the Gospel according to John / Rev. Chimwemwe Mitengo.
Book by Mitengo, Chimwemwe, (Zomba, Malawi : Kachere Series, 2024.)
(WEB) BT109 Trinitarian ecclesiology : Charles Journet, the divine missions, and the mystery of the Church / John F. O'Neill ; foreword by John Baptist Ku.
Book by O'Neill, John F. & Ku, John Baptist, (Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2024])
(WEB) BT30.P7 Teologia w Polsce.
(Lublin, Poland : KUL Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła - Wydział Teologii.)
(WEB) BT706 For the Sake of Christian Marriage, Abolish Church Weddings / Klaus Fiedler.
Book by Fiedler, Klaus, (Oxford : Luviri Press, 2024.)
(WEB) BT732 Physician of souls : ministry as medicine / Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner.
Book by Stevenson-Moessner, Jeanne, (Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2024])
(WEB) BT903 Journeys to heaven and hell tours of the afterlife in early Christian tradition Bart D. Ehrman
Book by Ehrman, Bart D., (New Haven [CT] Yale University Press [2022])
(WEB) BV290 In spirit and in truth : Halle biblical interpreters on music in worship from Francke to Niemeyer / Joyce L. Irwin.
Book by Irwin, Joyce L., (Halle : Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen Halle ; [Wiesbaden] : Harrassowitz Verlag in Kommission, 2024.)
(WEB) BV3500 Missionary societies and the fortunate subversion of the Church / Andrew F. Walls.
Book by Walls, Andrew F., (Mzuzu : Luviri Press, 2024.)
(WEB) BV4647.F55 Not so sorry : abusers, false apologies, and the limits of forgiveness / Kaya Oakes.
Book by Oakes, Kaya, (Minneapolis, MN : Broadleaf Books, [2024])
(WEB) BX1751.2 Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Theologia Catholică
(WEB) BX1751.3 Principles of Catholic Theology. Book 2, On the Rational Credibility of Christianity / Thomas Joseph White, OP.
Book by White, Thomas Joseph, (Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2024])
(WEB) BX1 Studia oecumenica.
(Opole, Poland : Uniwersytet Opolski)
(WEB) BX3737 Being a Jesuit in Renaissance Italy biographical writing in the early global age Camilla Russell
Book by Russell, Camilla, (Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University Press 2022)
(WEB) BX385.A1 The book of monasteries = Kitāb al-diyārāt / Al-Shābushtī ; edited and translated by Hilary Kilpatrick ; volume editor Tahera Qutbuddin.
Book by Shābushtī, ʻAlī ibn Muḥammad, & Kilpatrick, Hilary, & Qutbuddin, Tahera, & Shābushtī, ʻAlī ibn Muḥammad, (New York : New York University Press, [2023])
(WEB) BX800.A1 Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Theologia Catholică Latina.
(Cluj-Napoca : Universitatea "Babeș-Bolyai")
(WEB) BX806.R6 Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Theologia Graeco-Catholică Varadiensis.
(Cluj-Napoca : Departamentul din Oradea al Facultății de Teologie Greco-Catolică a Universității "Babeș-Bolyai", 1999-)
(WEB) BX8065.5 Welcome, Holy Spirit : charismatic renewal in the global church : experience, doctrine and practice, in Biblical and missional perspective / [edited] by Tormod Engelsviken.
Book by Engelsviken, Tormod, (Oxford, UK : Regnum Books International, 2023.)
(WEB) BX9220 Malawi's first Presbyterian ministers : vocation and identity in a racialized context / Kenneth R. Ross.
Book by Ross, Kenneth R., (Mzuzu : Luviri Press, 2023.)
(WEB) KD8725 Power and justice in Medieval England : the law of patronage and the royal courts / Joshua C. Tate.
Book by Tate, Joshua C., (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2022])

Last Updated: 22-05-2024