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New Acquisitions List for Medical Science/Nursing

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(WEB) Current practice guidelines in primary care 2023 / [editor], Jacob A. David.
Book by David, Jacob A., ([New York] : McGraw-Hill Education, [2023])
(WEB) Lehne's pharmacotherapeutics for advanced practice nurses and physician assistants / Laura D. Rosenthal, Jacqueline Rosenjack Burchum.
Book by Rosenthal, Laura D., & Burchum, Jacqueline Rosenjack, & Rosenthal, Laura D., (St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2021])
(WEB) Abdominal ultrasound : how, why and when / [edited by] Nicola J. Davidson.
Book by Davidson, Nicola J., & Bates, Jane A., (Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2023.)
(WEB) Rapid response events in the critically ill : a case-based approach to inpatient medical emergencies / [edited by] Syed Arsalan Akhter Zaidi, Kainat Saleem.
Book by Zaidi, Syed Arsalan Akhter, & Saleem, Kainat, (Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier, [2023])
(WEB) Practical guide to interventional pulmonology / [edited by] Momen M. Wahidi, David E. Ost.
Book by Wahidi, Momen M., & Ost, David E., (Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier, [2023])
(WEB) Bioelectromagnetics in healthcare : advanced sensing and communication applications / edited by Will Whittow
Book by Whittow, Will, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) Enabling technologies for social distancing : fundamentals, concepts and solutions / edited by Diep N. Nguyen [and 5 others].
Book by Nguyen, Diep N., (London, United Kingdom : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) Evolving predictive analytics in healthcare : new AI techniques for real-time interventions / edited by Abhishek Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Surbhi Bhatia, Swarn Avinash Kumar, Dac-Nhuong Le.
Book by Kumar, Abhishek, & Dubey, Ashutosh Kumar, & Bhatia, Surbhi, & Kumar, Swarn Avinash, & Le, Dac-Nhuong, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) Applications of Artificial Intelligence in e-Healthcare Systems / edited by, Munish Sabharwal, B. Balamurugan Baluswamy, S. Rakesh Kumar, N. Gayathri and Shakhzod Suvanov
Book by Sabharwal, Munish, & Baluswamy, B. Balamurugan, & Kumar, S. Rakesh, & Gayathri, N., & Suvanov, Shakhzod, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) B842.5 Tranhumanism : entering an era of bodyhacking and radical human modification / Emma Tumilty, Michele Battle-Fisher, editors.
Book by Tumilty, Emma, & Battle-Fisher, Michele, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) GV207 Food and fitness : a dictionary of diet and exercise / Michael Kent.
Book by Kent, Michael, ([Oxford] : Oxford University Press, 2016.)
(WEB) HB1323.I42 Towards newborn survival : challenges and priorities / Sandhya R. Mahapatro.
Book by Mahapatro, Sandhya Rani, (Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) HB1323.M6 Maternal mortality : lessons learnt from autopsy / Kusum Jashnani, editor.
Book by Jashnani, Kusum, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) HV1569.5 Applied machine learning for assisted living / Zia Uddin.
Book by Uddin, Zia, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) HV1569.5 Digital inclusion of individuals with autism spectrum disorder / Nenad Glumbić, Mirjana Đorđević, Branislav Brojčin.
Book by Glumbić, Nenad, & Đorđević, Mirjana, & Brojčin, Branislav, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) Internet Access Healthcare monitoring and data analysis using IoT : technologies and applications / edited by Vishal Jain, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Pradeep Kumar, Utku Kose.
Book by Jain, Vishal, & Chatterjee, Jyotir Moy, & Kumar, Pradeep, & Kose, Utku, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) ML3920 The impact of music therapy on children in a multicultural elementary school / Sylvia Ingeborg Haering.
Book by Haering, Sylvia Ingeborg, (Wiesbaden : Springer VS, [2022])
(WEB) ML3920 Empathy pathways : a view from music therapy / Andeline dos Santos.
Book by Dos Santos, Andeline, (Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) QH324.2 Blockchain in life sciences / Wendy Charles, editor.
Book by Charles, Wendy, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QH427 A dictionary of genetics / Robert C. King, Pamela K. Mulligan, William D. Stansfield.
Book by King, Robert C, & Mulligan, Pamela Khipple, & Stansfield, William D., (New York : Oxford University Press, [2013])
(WEB) QH430 Genetics fundamentals notes / Debasish Kar, Sagartirtha Sarkar, editors.
Book by Kar, Debasish, & Sarkar, Sagartirtha, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QH447.63.S56 Single nucleotide polymorphisms : human variation and a coming revolution in biology and medicine / Zuben E. Sauna, Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty, editors.
Book by Sauna, Zuben E., & Kimchi-Sarfaty, Chava, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QH450.2 Transcription factors for biotic stress tolerance in plants / Shabir Hussain Wani, Vennampally Nataraj, Gyanendra Pratap Singh, editors.
Book by Wani, Shabir Hussain, & Nataraj, Vennampally, & Singh, Gyanendra Pratap, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QH450 Epigenetics, development, ecology and evolution / Luis María Vaschetto, editor.
Book by Vaschetto, Luis M., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QH450 Epigenetics and anticipation / edited by Mihai Nadin.
Book by Nadin, Mihai, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QH455 Nature in silico : population genetic simulation and its evolutionary interpretation using C++ and R / Ryan J. Haasl.
Book by Haasl, Ryan J., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QH581.2 Phase-separated biomolecular condensates : methods and protocols / edited by Huan-Xiang Zhou, Jan-Hendrik Spille, Priya R. Banerjee.
Book by Zhou, Huan-Xiang, & Spille, Jan-Hendrik, & Banerjee, Priya R., (New York, NY : Humana Press, [2023])
(WEB) QH588.S83 Therapeutic applications of mesenchymal stem cells in veterinary medicine / Mudasir Bashir Gugjoo.
Book by Gugjoo, Mudasir Bashir, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QH588.S83 Cell biology and translational medicine. Volume 16, Stem cells in tissue regeneration, therapy and drug discovery / Kursad Turksen, editor.
Book by Turksen, Kursad, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QH611 Macromolecular protein complexes IV : structure and function / J. Robin Harris, Jon Marles-Wright, editors.
Book by Harris, J. Robin & Marles-Wright, Jon, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QL85 The comprehensive guide to interdisciplinary veterinary social work / Sana Loue, Pamela Linden, editors.
Book by Loue, Sana, & Linden, Pamela, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QM551 Textbook of histology and embryology = 组织学与胚胎学 / 原著William K. Ovalle [and 3 others] ; 主编唐军民, 李继承 ; 副主编石玉秀[and 7 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 李继承, & Ovalle, William K. & Moore, Keith L., (北京市 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2011)
(WEB) QP144.C63 Coconut water : a promising natural health drink -distribution, processing and nutritional benefits / P. Rethinam, V. Krishnakumar.
Book by Rethinam, P., & Krishnakumar, V., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP249 Renal physiology and hydrosaline metabolism / Pedro A. Gallardo, Carlos P. Vio.
Book by Gallardo, Pedro A., & Vio Lagos, Carlos P., (Cham : Springer ; Santiago : Ediciones Universidad Católica de Chile, [2022])
(WEB) QP252.5 Gamete immunology / Hiroaki Shibahara, Akiko Hasegawa, editors.
Book by Shibahara, Hiroaki, & Hasegawa, Akiko, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP25 Pioneers in cell physiology : the story of Warren and Margaret Lewis / David H. Evans.
Book by Evans, David H., (Cham : Springer : American Physiological Society, [2022])
(WEB) QP303 Biomechanics of injury and prevention / Yubo Fan, Lizhen Wang, editors.
Book by Fan, Yubo. & Wang, Lizhen., (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP303 Technologies and techniques in Gait analysis : past, present and future / edited by Nachiappan Chockalingam.
Book by Chockalingam, Nachiappan, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) QP34.5 Thermal physiology : a worldwide history / Clark M. Blatteis, Nigel A.S. Taylor, Duncan Mitchell, editors.
Book by Blatteis, Clark M., & Taylor, Nigel A. S., & Mitchell, Duncan, (New York : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QP357.5 Neural assemblies : an alternative approach to classical artificial intelligence / Günther Palm.
Book by Palm, Günther, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP360.5 Musical neurons / Bruno Colombo, editor.
Book by Colombo, Bruno, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QP379 The emotional cerebellum / edited by Michael Adamaszek, Mario Manto, Dennis J. L. G. Schutter.
Book by Adamaszek, Michael, & Manto, Mario, & Schutter, Dennis J. L. G., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP475 Optics for the new millennium : an absolute review textbook / Kamran M. Riaz, G. Vike Vicente, Daniel Wee, editors.
Book by Riaz, Kamran M. & Vicente, G. Vike, & Wee, Daniel, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP514.2 Medical biochemistry / [edited by] John W. Baynes, Marek H. Dominiczak.
Book by Baynes, John W., & Baynes, John W., & Dominiczak, Marek H., ([Amsterdam] : Elsevier, [2023])
(WEB) QP623 RNA structure and dynamics / edited by Jienyu Ding, Jason R. Stagno and Yun-Xing Wang.
Book by Ding, Jienyu, & Stagno, Jason R. & Wang, Yun-Xing, (New York, NY : Humana Press, [2023])
(WEB) QP801.H5 The functional roles of histamine receptors / Kazuhiko Yanai, Maria Beatrice Passani, editors.
Book by Yanai, Kazuhiko, & Passani, Maria Beatrice, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QP801.T3 Taurine 12 : a conditionally essential amino acid / Stephen W. Schaffer, Abdeslem El Idrissi, Shigeru Murakami, editors.
Book by Schaffer, S. W. & El Idrissi, Abdeslem. & Murakami, Shigeru., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QR171.G29 Gut microbiome in neurological health and disorders / Amit Kumar Tripathi, Malini Kotak, editors.
Book by Tripathi, Amit Kumar. & Kotak, Malini., (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QR185.6 PI3K and AKT isoforms in immunity : mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities / Margarita Dominguez-Villar, editor.
Book by Dominguez-Villar, Margarita, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) QR185.8.D45 Plasmacytoid dendritic cells / Dipyaman Ganguly.
Book by Ganguly, Dipyaman, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) QR186 Plants and phytomolecules for immunomodulation : recent trends and advances / Neelam S. Sangwan, Mohamed A. Farag, Luzia V. Modolo, editors.
Book by Sangwan, Neelam S., & Farag, Mohamed A., & Modolo, Luzia V., (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R118 Communication skills for surgeons : a contemporary guide / Benjamin Patel, Abhay Rane, editors.
Book by Patel, Benjamin, & Rané, Abhay, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R119.95 Essentials of telebehavioral health : a practical guide / Hossam Mahmoud, Hady Naal, Emile Whaibeh, editors.
Book by Mahmoud, Hossam, & Naal, Hady, & Whaibeh, Emile, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R119.95 Information and communication technology (ICT) frameworks in telehealth / Mamta Mittal, Gopi Battineni, editors.
Book by Mittal, Mamta, & Battineni, Gopi., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R119.9 Telemedicine : the computer transformation of healthcare / Tanupriya Choudhury, Avita Katal, Jung-Sup Um, Ajay Rana, Marwan Al-Akaidi, editors.
Book by Choudhury, Tanupriya, & Katal, Avita, & Um, Jung-Sup, & Rana, Ajay, & Al-Akaidi, Marwan, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R121 Medicine and health.
([Oxford] : Oxford University Press, [2016-])
(WEB) R121 Concise medical dictionary.
Book by Martin, E. A., ([Oxford] : Oxford University Press, 2010-)
(WEB) R121 A dictionary of biomedicine.
Book by Lackie, J. M., & Nation, Brian, (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019.)
(WEB) R121 Concise medical dictionary
Book by Law, Jonathan & Martin, E. A., (Oxford Oxford University Press 2020)
(WEB) R133 Novel drug targets with traditional herbal medicines : scientific and clinical evidence / Fatma Tugçe Güragaç Dereli, Mert Ilhan, Tarun Belwal, editors.
Book by Dereli, Fatma Tugçe Guragaç, & Ilhan, Mert, & Belwal, Tarun, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R516.M68 Passion for excellence : my lifelong journey into medicine and public service / Haralampos M. Moutsopoulos.
Book by Moutsopoulos, H. M., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R602 Traditional Chinese medicine and diseases : an omics big-data mining perspective / Kang Ning, editor.
Book by Ning, Kang, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R690 Life after residency : a career planning guide / Melissa T. Berhow, William W. Feaster, John G. Brock-Utne.
Book by Berhow, Melissa T, & Feaster, William W. & Brock-Utne, J. G., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R690 Laws of medicine : core legal aspects for the healthcare professional / Amirala S. Pasha, editor.
Book by Pasha, Amirala S., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R702.5 Introduction to medical humanities : medicine and the Italian artistic heritage / Renzo Pegoraro, Luciana Caenazzo, Lucia Mariani, editors.
Book by Pegoraro, Renzo, & Caenazzo, Luciana, & Mariani, Lucia, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R723 Explaining disease : philosophical reflections on medical research and clinical practice / Raffaella Campaner.
Book by Campaner, Raffaella, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R724 Philosophical investigations into the essence of pediatric suffering / Tyler Tate, editor.
Book by Tate, Tyler, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R725.5 The bridge between bioethics and medical practice : medical professionalism / Marko Ćurković, Ana Borovečki, editors.
Book by Ćurković, Marko, & Boroveécki, Ana, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R726.7 Handbook of cardiovascular behavioral medicine / Shari R. Waldstein, Willem J. Kop, Edward C. Suarez, William R. Lovallo, Leslie I. Katzel, editors.
Book by Waldstein, Shari R., & Kop, Willem J. & Suarez, Edward C. & Lovallo, William R., & Katzel, Leslie I., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R737 A step-by-step guide to case-based collaborative learning (CBCL) / Henrike C. Besche, Richard M. Schwartzstein, Randall W. King, Melanie P. Hoening, Barbara A. Cockrill.
Book by Besche, Henrike C., & Schwartzstein, Richard M., & King, Randall W., & Hoenig, Melanie P., & Cockrill, Barbara A., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R840 Conflict, culture and identity in GP training / Jennifer L. Johnston.
Book by Johnston, Jennifer L., (Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) R853.B54 Biomarkers in nutrition / Vinood B. Patel, Victor R. Preedy, editors.
Book by Patel, Vinood B., & Preedy, Victor R., (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R855.3 Healthcare technology training : an evidence-based guide for improved quality / Brenda Kulhanek, Kathleen Mandato, editors.
Book by Kulhanek, Brenda, & Mandato, Kathleen, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R857.B54 Optical whispering gallery modes for biosensing : from physical principles to applications / Frank Vollmer, Deshui Yu.
Book by Vollmer, Frank & Yu, Deshui, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R857.N34 Applications of quantum dots in biology and medicine : recent advances / Puspendu Barik, Samiran Mondal, editors.
Book by Barik, Puspendu, & Mondal, Samiran, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R857.O6 Medical image learning with limited and noisy data : first international workshop, MILLanD 2022, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2022, Singapore, September 22, 2022, proceedings / Ghada Zamzmi, Sameer Antani, Ulas Bagci, Marius George Linguraru, Sivaramakrishnan Rajaraman, Zhiyun Xue (eds.).
Book by Zamzmi, Ghada, & Antani, Sameer K., & Bagci, Ulas, & Linguraru, Marius George, & Rajaraman, Sivaramakrishnan, & Xue, Zhiyun, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R858 Hands-on healthcare data / by Andrew Nguyen.
Book by Nguyen, Andrew, (Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly Media, Inc., [2022])
(WEB) R858 Mobile Health (mHealth) : rethinking innovation management to Harmonize AI and social design / Kota Kodama, Shintaro Sengoku, editors.
Book by Kodama, Kota, & Sengoku, Shintaro, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R858 Strategic debriefing for advanced simulation / Giorgio Capogna, Pier Luigi Ingrassia, Emanuele Capogna, Michela Bernardini, Elisa Valteroni, Giada Pietrabissa, Giorgio Nardone.
Book by Capogna, Giorgio, & Ingrassia, Pier Luigi, & Capogna, Emanuele, & Bernardini, Michela, & Valteroni, Elisa, & Pietrabissa, Giada, & Nardone, Giorgio, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) R858 Smart health technologies for the COVID-19 pandemic : Internet of medical things perspectives / edited by Chinmay Chakraborty, Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues.
Book by Chakraborty, Chinmay, & Rodrigues, Joel, (Stevenage : Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2022.)
(WEB) R858 Multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in health / Nima Rezaei, editor.
Book by Rezaei, Nima, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R858 Medical visualization and applications of technology / Paul M. Rea, editor.
Book by Rea, Paul, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R859.7.A78 Artificial intelligence in healthcare : recent applications and developments / Tianhua Chen, Jenny Carter, Mufti Mahmud, Arjab Singh Khuman, editors.
Book by Chen, Tianhua, & Carter, Jenny & Mahmud, Mufti, & Khuman, Arjab Singh, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R859.7.A78 Applications of medical artificial intelligence : first International Workshop, AMAI 2022, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2022, Singapore, September 18, 2022, Proceedings / Shandong Wu, Behrouz Shabestari, Lei Xing (eds.).
Book by Wu, Shandong, & Shabestari, Behrouz, & Xing, Lei, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) R859.7.A78 Predictive intelligence in medicine : 5th International Workshop, PRIME 2022, held in conjunction with MICCAI 2022, Singapore, September 22, 2022, proceedings / Islem Rekik, Ehsan Adeli, Sang Hyun Park, Celia Cintas (eds.).
Book by Rekik, Islem, & Adeli, Ehsan, & Park, Sang Hyun, & Cintas, Celia, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA1058.5 Forensic imaging : a practical guide / Fabrice Dedouit, Kathrin Yen, Sarah Heinze, editors.
Book by Dedouit, Fabrice, & Yen, Kathrin, & Heinze, Sarah, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA1148 Advances in psychology and law / Brian H. Bornstein, Monica K. Miller, David DeMatteo, editors.
Book by Bornstein, Brian H., & Miller, Monica K., & DeMatteo, David, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA1242.T44 Agent Orange : the failure of science, policy and common sense / Alvin L. Young.
Book by Young, Alvin L, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA393 Illuminating policy for health : insights from a decade of researching urban and regional planning / Patrick Harris.
Book by Harris, Patrick, (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) RA395.A3 Healthcare upside down : a critical examination of policy and practice / Henry Buchwald.
Book by Buchwald, Henry, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA418.5.M4 The future circle of healthcare : AI, 3D printing, longevity, ethics, and uncertainty mitigation / Sepehr Ehsani, Patrick Glauner, Philipp Plugmann, Florian M. Thieringer, editors.
Book by Ehsani, Sepehr, & Glauner, Patrick, & Plugmann, Philipp, & Thieringer, Florian M., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA564.83 Macho men in South African gyms : the idealization of spornosexuality / Jacques Rothmann.
Book by Rothmann, Jacques, (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) RA566.7 Urban health and wellbeing programme : policy briefs. Volume 3 / Franz W. Gatzweiler, editor.
Book by Gatzweiler, Franz W., (Singapore : Springer ; [China] : Zhejiang University Press, [2022])
(WEB) RA644.C67 Democracy after Covid : challenges in Europe and beyond / Kostas Chrysogonos, Anna Tsiftsoglou, editors.
Book by Chrysogonos, Kostas, & Tsiftsoglou, Anna, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Manufacturing government communication on COVID-19 : a comparative perspective / Philippe J. Maarek, editor.
Book by Maarek, Philippe J., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks, vaccination, politics and society : the continuing challenge / Rais Akhtar, editor.
Book by Akhtar, Rais, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Psychology in times of crisis : an economic psychological analysis of the coronavirus pandemic / Erich Kirchler, Julia Pitters, Barbara Kastlunger.
Book by Kirchler, Erich, & Pitters, Julia, & Kastlunger, Barbara, (Wiesbaden : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Community, economy and COVID-19 : lessons from multi-country analyses of a global pandemic / Clifford J. Shultz, II, Don R. Rahtz, M. Joseph Sirgy, editors.
Book by Shultz, Clifford J., II, & Rahtz, Don R., & Sirgy, M. Joseph, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 The viral politics of COVID-19 : nature, home, and planetary health / Vanessa Lemm, Miguel Vatter, editors.
Book by Lemm, Vanessa, & Vatter, Miguel E., (Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, [2022])
(WEB) RA644.C67 COVID 19, containment, life, work and restart : regional studies / T.M. Vinod Kumar, editor.
Book by Vinod Kumar, T. M., (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA644.C67 COVID 19, containment, life, work and restart : urban studies / T. M. Vinod Kumar, editor.
Book by Vinod Kumar, T. M., (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Point-of-care testing of COVID-19 : current status, clinical impact, and future therapeutic perspectives / Abilash Gangula [and five others].
Book by Gangula, Abilash, & Kim, Brandon, & Casey, Benjamin, & Hamill, Allison, & Regunath, Hariharan, & Upendran, Anandhi, (Singapore : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA644.C67 Exploring Susceptible-Infectious-Recovered (SIR) model for COVID-19 investigation / Rahul Saxena, Mahipal Jadeja, Vikrant Bhateja.
Book by Saxena, Rahul, & Jadeja, Mahipal, & Bhateja, Vikrant, (Singapore : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA645.C3 Cancer data for good : a history of the Victorian Cancer Registry / Thomas Kehoe.
Book by Kehoe, Thomas, (Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.)
(WEB) RA645.O23 International handbook of the demography of obesity / Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Dudley L. Poston, Jr., editors.
Book by Garcia-Alexander, Ginny, & Poston, Dudley L., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA651 A dictionary of epidemiology.
Book by Porta, Miquel S., (Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.)
(WEB) RA652.2.P82 Disease control through social network surveillance / Thirimachos Bourlai, Panagiotis Karampelas, Reda Alhajj, editors.
Book by Bourlai, Thirimachos. & Karampelas, Panagiotis. & Alhajj, Reda., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA652 Predicting pandemics in a globally connected world. Volume 1, Toward a multiscale, multidisciplinary framework through modeling and simulation / Nicola Bellomo, Mark A.J. Chaplain, editors.
Book by Bellomo, N., & Chaplain, M. A. J., (Cham : Birkhäuser, [2022])
(WEB) RA664.C67 Frontiers of COVID-19 : scientific and clinical aspects of the novel coronavirus 2019 / Sasan Adibi, Paul Griffin, Melvin Sanicas, Maryam Rashidi, Francesco Lanfranchi, editors.
Book by Adibi, Sasan, & Griffin, Paul, & Sanicas, M & Rashidi, Maryam, & Lanfranchi, Francesco, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA776 Fit and healthy from 1 to 100 with nutrition and exercise : current medical knowledge on health / Dietgar Mathias.
Book by Mathias, Dietger, (Berlin : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA792 Representation, re-presentation, and resistance : participatory geographies of place, health, and embodiment / Ryan J. Petteway.
Book by Petteway, Ryan J., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RA971 Optimizing widely reported hospital quality and safety grades : an Ochsner quality and value playbook / Armin Schubert, Sandra A. Kemmerly, editors.
Book by Schubert, Armin. & Kemmerly, Sandra A., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RA971 The healthcare value chain : demystifying the role of GPOs and PBMs / Lawton Robert Burns.
Book by Burns, Lawton R., (Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2022])
(WEB) RA997 Social innovation in long-term care through digitalization : proceedings of the German-Italian workshop LTC-2021 / Massimo Conti, Simone Orcioni, editors.
Book by Conti, Massimo, & Orcioni, Simone, (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RB119 Comprehensive multiple-choice questions in pathology : a study guide / Vinay Kumar Kohli, Chitra Kohli, Akanksha Singh.
Book by Kohli, Vinay Kumar, & Kohli, Chitra. & Singh, Akanksha., (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RB127.5.C48 Advances in chronic and neuropathic pain / Jeimylo de Castro, Yasser El Miedany, editors.
Book by Castro, Jeimylo de, & El Miedany, Yasser, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RB127.5.C48 Hospitalized chronic pain patient : a multidisciplinary treatment guide / David A. Edwards, Padma Gulur, Christopher M. Sobey, editors.
Book by Edwards, David A., & Gulur, Padma, & Sobey, Christopher M., (Cham : Springer, [2022])
(WEB) RB127 Holistic pain management in pregnancy : what RNs, APRNs, midwives and mental health professionals need to know / Theresa Mallick-Searle, editor.
Book by Mallick-Searle, Theresa, (Cham : Springer, 2022.)
(WEB) RB150.C33 The systemic effects of advanced cancer : a textbook on cancer-associated cachexia / Swarnali Acharyya, editor.
Book by Acharyya, Swarnali, (Cham : Springer, [2022])
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(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学学习指导 / 主编唐军民, 高俊玲, 苏安英 ; 编委卫兰 [and 17 others].
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(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学实验 / 主编齐云飞; 主审李玉林, 郭华 ; 副主编车英君, 孟娟, 张菁华 ; 编者齐云飞 [and 8 others].
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(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学学习指导 / 主编唐军民, 刘淑文, 高俊玲 ; 副主编吴岩, 任君旭, 苏安英 ; 编委卫兰 [and 26 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 刘淑文, & 高俊玲, & 吴岩, & 任君旭, & 苏安英, & 卫兰, (北京 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2008.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学学习指导 / 主编唐军民 ; 编委唐军民 [and 8 others] ; 审阅吴江声, 刘斌, 孙品伟.
Book by 唐军民, (北京 : 北京医科大学, 中国协和医科大学联合出版社, 1998.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学 / 主编唐军民, 高俊玲, 白咸勇 ; 副主编史小林 [and 3 others] ; 编者卫兰 [and 24 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 高俊玲, & 白咸勇, (北京 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2008.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学 = Histology and embryology / 主编苏衍萍, 王春艳 ; 副主编张鑫, 贾书花, 王建军 ; 编委孔华 [and 20 others].
Book by 苏衍萍, & 王春艳, & 张鑫, & 贾书花, & 王建军, & 孔华, (南京 : 江苏科学技术出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学 = Histology and embryology / 主编徐晨 ; 副主编钟翠平, 冯京生, 罗国容 ; 编者陈晓蓉 [and 25 others].
Book by 徐晨, & 钟翠平, & 冯京生, & 罗国容, & 陈晓蓉, (北京 : 高等教育出版社, 2009.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学实验报告 / 米树文, 白冰洋, 崔玉发主编.
Book by 米树文, & 白冰洋, & 崔玉发, (南京 : 东南大学出版社, 2017.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学 / 主编黄晓芹 ; 副主编刘向国 [and 5 others] ; 主审祝彼得.
Book by 黄晓芹, & 刘向国, (上海 : 上海科学技术出版社, 2018.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学 : 复习指南和题集 / 主编刘慧雯 ; 编者于宏伟 [and 17 others].
Book by 刘慧雯, & 于宏伟, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2004.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学彩色图谱 : 实习用书 = Histology and embryology colour atlas (for practice course) / 主编唐军民 [and 3 others] ; 副主编苏安英 [and 3 others] ; 审阅刘斌 ; 编委: 卫兰 [and 20 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 苏安英, & 卫兰, (北京 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2003.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学实验指导 / 主编徐晨 ; 副主编王春年 ; 编者王春年, 方万长, 徐晨.
Book by 徐晨, & 王春年, & 方万长, (上海 : 第二军医大学出版社, 2007.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学实验指导 / 吴解万, 陈俊群主编.
Book by 吴解万, & 陈俊群, (南昌 : 江西科学技术出版社, 2011.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学实验指导 / 主编严文保, 文建国 ; 编者文建国 [and 4 others] ; 审稿祝继明.
Book by 严文保, & 文建国, (北京 : 中国医药科技出版社, 2002.)
(WEB) QM551 组织胚胎实验学 / 主编杨宁, 缪亦安, 王德俊 ; 副主编周作民 [and 3 others].
Book by 杨宁, & 缪亦安, & 王德俊, & 周作民, (南京 : 东南大学出版社, 2004.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学彩色图谱 : 实习用书 = Histology and embryology colour atlas (for practice course) / 主编唐军民, 李英, 卫兰 ; 副主编高俊玲 [and 4 others] ; 编委迟晓春 [and 29 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 李英, & 卫兰, & 高俊玲, & 迟晓春, (北京 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2012.)
(WEB) QM551 组织学与胚胎学要点与自测 / 主编唐军民 ; 副主编刘皓, 王秀琴 ; 审阅刘斌 ; 编委王彤 [and 11 others].
Book by 唐军民, & 刘皓, & 王秀琴, & 王彤, (北京 : 北京大学医学出版社, 2003.)
(WEB) R127.1.Z4253 伤寒杂病论临证解读释疑 / 赵晋元, 王福林主编.
Book by 赵晋元, & 王福林, (兰州市 : 甘肃科学技术出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) R131 综合医学基础. 各论三 / 主编吴国忠 ; 副主编包辉英 [and 3 others] ; 编者包辉英 [and 12 others].
Book by 吴国忠, & 包辉英, (上海 : 复旦大学出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) RA776.5 醫學・人. 袁國勇 / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院
Book by 孔繁毅, & 袁國勇, & 羅肇年, & 曾憲威, & 鄺高樂, & 黄詠詩, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [腦癇症]. [4] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院
Book by 郭鳳瑤, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 黃思進, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 盧健駿, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, & 廖愛玲, & 梁凱寧, & 胡志遠, & 馮斌熙, & 廖鑑添, & 鄧萬豪, & 鄭萃雯, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [腦癇症]. [3] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院, 香港糖尿病專科中心
Book by 郭鳳瑤, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 黃思進, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, & 廖愛玲, & 梁凱寧, & 胡志遠, & 馮斌熙, & 廖鑑添, & 李永恩, & 周振中, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [腦癇症]. [2] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院, 香港中文大學
Book by 郭鳳瑤, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 黃思進, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 歐浩嘉, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, & 廖愛玲, & 梁凱寧, & 胡志遠 & 馮斌熙, & 廖鑑添, & 李永恩, & 劉達銘, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [腦癇症]. [1] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院, 香港營養師協會, 仁愛堂醫療服務科
Book by 郭鳳瑤, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 黃思進, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 曾健緯, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, & 廖愛玲, & 梁凱寧, & 胡志遠, & 馮斌熙, & 廖鑑添, & 陳翼, & 盧庭威, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 醫學・人. 高志昌. (下) / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院, 無國界醫生
Book by 高志昌, & 唐敏明, & 彭志敏, & 方樂群, & 羅肇年, & 曾憲威, & 黃立恆, & 胡志遠, & 鄭萃雯, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [類風濕性關節炎]. [4] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫學院, 香港物理治療學會, 毅希會
Book by 梁凱寧, & 容樹恒, & 廖愛玲, & 潘浩賢, & 羅文輝, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭鳳瑤, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [類風濕性關節炎]. [3] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫學院, 香港物理治療學會, 毅希會
Book by 梁凱寧, & 容樹恒, & 廖愛玲, & 潘浩賢, & 羅文輝, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭鳳瑤, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [類風濕性關節炎]. [1] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫學院, 香港營養師協會, 仁愛堂醫療服務科
Book by 梁凱寧, & 容樹恒, & 廖愛玲, & 潘浩賢, & 羅文輝, & 盧健駿, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭鳳瑤, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 醫學・人. 高志昌. (上) / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港中文大學醫院
Book by 高志昌, & 唐敏明, & 彭志敏, & 方樂群, & 李紫欣, & 羅肇年, & 曾憲威, & 歐浩嘉, & 胡志遠, & 鄭萃雯, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [乳癌]. [4] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院, 香港營養師協會
Book by 鄭萃雯, & 鄧智偉 & 廖愛玲, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 盧健駿, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭煒琳, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [乳癌]. [3] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院
Book by 鄭萃雯, & 鄧智偉 & 廖愛玲, & 何思諺, & 麥沛東, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭煒琳, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [乳癌]. [2] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院, 香港大學牙醫學院
Book by 鄭萃雯, & 鄧智偉 & 梁凱寧, & 何思諺, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 李偉信, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭煒琳, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.5 [乳癌]. [1] / 香港電台製作 ; 協助製作: 香港大學李嘉誠醫學院, 香港營養師協會, 仁愛堂醫療服務科
Book by 鄭萃雯, & 鄧智偉 & 何思諺, & 麥沛東, & 譚杏藍, & 馮宇軒, & 潘浩賢, & 盧健駿, & 張育堅, & 陳巧樺, & 李紫欣, & 郭煒琳, & 彭志敏, & 唐敏明, ([香港] : 香港電台, [2021])
(WEB) RA776.95 日常养生保健细节 / 宋爱玲主审 ; 王玉玲主编.
Book by 王玉玲, (青岛 : 青岛出版社, 2008.)
(WEB) RA776.95 老中医奇效小偏方 : 中老年病痛全赶跑 / 王广尧主编
Book by 王廣堯, (长春市 : 吉林科学技术出版社, 2018 [民國107])
(WEB) RA776.98 细说女人经络养颜与祛病 / 主编吴非, 张义 ; 主审张雪亮 ; 编委刘烁 [and 14 others].
Book by 吴非, & 张义, & 刘烁, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2012.)
(WEB) RA781.67 练瑜伽变完美 / 刘敏著.
Book by 刘敏, (长春 : 吉林科学技术出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) RB137 结石病防治与护理 / 贺迎昌, 司呈泉, 田萌子主编.
Book by 贺迎昌, & 司呈泉, & 田萌子, (济南 : 山东科学技术出版社, 2000.)
(WEB) RB137 结石病奇效良方 / 主编陈青红 ; 编者杨抗.
Book by 陈青红, & 杨抗, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) RC280 结直肠肿瘤 = Colorectal tumor / 主编李乐平, 靖昌庆.
Book by 李乐平, & 靖昌庆, (济南 : 山东科学技术出版社, 2011.)
(WEB) RC311.2 结核病影像学诊断基础 = Imaging diagnostic basis of tuberculosis / 柳澄, 侯代伦主编.
Book by 柳澄, & 侯代伦, (济南 : 山东科学技术出版社, 2012.)
(WEB) RC311 结核病感染控制与护理 = Infection control and nursing care of tuberculosis / 主编綦迎成, 孟桂云 ; 副主编赵红 [and 3 others].
Book by 綦迎成, & 孟桂云, & 赵红, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) RC336 實用精神科疾病診療與護理實踐 / 呂素紅等主編
Book by 呂素紅, (北京市 : 中國紡織出版社, 2018 [民國107])
(WEB) RC632.H87 高血脂饮食宜忌速查 / 于建敏, 王晶主编
Book by 于建敏 & 王晶, (长春市 : 吉林科学技术出版社, 2017 [民國106])
(WEB) RC682 结构性心脏病心电图诊断与分析 = ECG diagnosis and analysis of structural heart disease / 卢喜烈著.
Book by 卢喜烈, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) RC756 职业性肺部疾病 / 李侠[and 4 others]主编.
Book by 李侠, (济南 : 山东科学技术出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) RC860 结直肠肛管疾病诊断治疗新进展 / 主编钱海华, 金黑鹰, 曾莉.
Book by 钱海华, & 金黑鹰, & 曾莉, (上海 : 上海中医药大学出版社, 2009.)
(WEB) RC860 结肠镜单人操作与技巧 = One man method and technique for colonscope / 主编陈星.
Book by 陈星, (上海 : 上海科学技术出版社, 2006.)
(WEB) RC964 职业病危害识别评价与工程控制技术 / 何家禧[and 3 others].
Book by 何家禧, (贵阳 : 贵州科技出版社, 2007.)
(WEB) RC964 职业病防治知识手册 / 张国华主编.
Book by 张国华, (沈阳 : 沈阳出版社, 2005.)
(WEB) RD541 结直肠盆底外科解剖与手术学 / 主编张东铭 ; 副主编王掁军, 杨新庆, 金定国.
Book by 王掁军, & 杨新庆, & 金定国, (合肥 : 安徽科学技术出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) RG101 绛雪丹书 / 明·赵贞观原著 ; 陈伟然点校.
Book by 赵贞观, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) RS131.64 绛雪园古方 / 原著王子接 ; 点校杨旭杰.
Book by 王子接, (北京 : 人民军医出版社, 2009.)
[醫R] R123 .C444 2022 字源釋醫學 / 張學明編著.
Book by 張學明, (香港 : 商務印書館(香港)有限公司 , 2022.)
[醫] RG105 .C436 2001 產科護理手冊 / 編委會謝喜兒, 岑素圓, 陳潔霜
Book by 謝喜兒, & 岑素圓, & 陳潔霜, ([香港] : 東華三院董事局, 二〇〇一 [2001])

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