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New Acquisitions List for Mathematics

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(WEB) Metric space topology : examples, exercises and solutions / Wing-Sum Cheung, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Book by Cheung, Wing-Sum, (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2024.)
(WEB) QA164 A course in combinatorics and graphs / Simeon Ball, Oriol Serra.
Book by Ball, Simeon & Serra, Oriol, (Cham : Birkhäuser, 2024.)
(WEB) QA174.2 Rank 2 amalgams and fusion systems / Martin van Beek.
Book by Beek, Martin van, (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA300 Fundamentals of real and complex analysis / Asuman Güven Aksoy.
Book by Aksoy, Asuman G., (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA326 Hilbert C*- modules and quantum Markov semigroups / Lunchuan Zhang.
Book by Zhang, Lunchuan, (Singapore : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA372 Fractional dispersive models and applications : recent developments and future perspectives / Panayotis G. Kevrekidis, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver, editors.
Book by Kevrekidis, Panayotis G., & Cuevas-Maraver, Jesús, (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA445 Lectures on geometry / Lucian Bădescu, Ettore Carletti.
Book by Bădescu, Lucian, & Carletti, Ettore, (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA76.95 Text and math into LaTeX / George Gratzer.
Book by Gratzer, George, (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
(WEB) QA9 Mathematical logic : on numbers, sets, structures, and symmetry / Roman Kossak.
Book by Kossak, Roman, (Cham : Springer, 2024.)
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(WEB) QA76.9.D3 分布式数据库查询优化研究 / 赵宇兰著.
Book by 赵宇兰, (成都市 : 电子科技大学出版社, 2016.)
[E] QA107.2 .T923 2022 突破HKAT (Pre-S1)躍思數學模擬試卷 (新課程版)
(香港 : 躍思教育出版社, 2022.)
[E] QA135.6 .C4445 2023 中學數學新思維 / 顧問黃偉賢 ; 作者陳國君, 朱永昌, 洪進華.
Book by 陳國君, & 朱永昌, & 洪進華, (香港 : 教育出版社有限公司, 2023.)
[E] QA139 .C436 2023 長河中一入學前數學科分類練習+模擬試卷.
(香港 : 長河出版社, [2023])

Last Updated: 22-05-2024