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(WEB) The ever-dying people? : Canada's Jews in comparative perspective / edited by Robert Brym and Randal F. Schnoor.
Book by Brym, Robert J., & Schnoor, Randal F., (Toronto ; Buffalo ; London : University of Toronto Press, 2023.)
(WEB) CB311 Amongst the Ruins : Why Civilizations Collapse and Communities Disappear.
Book by Darlington, John, (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) CB361 Renaissance thought and the arts : collected essays / by Paul Oskar Kristeller.
Book by Kristeller, Paul Oskar, (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [1980])
(WEB) D13 The new world history : a field guide for teachers and researchers / edited by Ross E. Dunn, Laura J. Mitchell, and Kerry Ward.
Book by Dunn, Ross E., & Mitchell, Laura Jane, & Ward, Kerry, (Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016])
(WEB) D16.9 Karl Marx's theory of history : a defence / by G.A. Cohen.
Book by Cohen, G. A., (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [2001])
(WEB) D16.9 State of nature, stages of society : enlightenment conjectural history and modern social discourse / Frank Palmeri.
Book by Palmeri, Frank, (New York : Columbia University Press, 2016.)
(WEB) D387 Europe in 1848 : revolution and reform / edited by Dieter Dowe [and others] ; translated by David Higgins.
Book by Dowe, Dieter., (New York : Berghahn Books, 2001.)
(WEB) D843 Global development : a Cold War history / Sara Lorenzini.
Book by Lorenzini, Sara, (Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2019])
(WEB) DA145 Villas, sanctuaries and settlement in the Romano-British countryside : new perspectives and controversies.
(WEB) DA360 Armada : the Spanish enterprise and England's deliverance in 1588 / Colin Martin and Geoffrey Parker.
Book by Martin, Colin, & Parker, Geoffrey, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2022])
(WEB) DA485 Britons : forging the nation, 1707-1837 / Linda Colley.
Book by Colley, Linda, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2005])
(WEB) DA554 Empress : Queen Victoria and India / Miles Taylor.
Book by Taylor, Miles, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018])
(WEB) DA670.S9 Bronze Age Barrow and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery : November 2013 - March 2014.
Book by Chinnock, Chris, (Oxford : Archaeopress, 2023.)
(WEB) DA950.7 The death census of Black '47 : eyewitness accounts of Ireland's Great Famine / Liam Kennedy, Donald M. MacRaild, Lewis Darwen, Brian Gurrin.
Book by Kennedy, Liam, & MacRaild, Donald M., & Darwen, Lewis, & Gurrin, Brian, (London : Anthem Press, 2023.)
(WEB) DD281.6 Twenty years on : competing memories of the GDR in postunification German culture / edited by Renate Rechtien and Dennis Tate.
Book by Rechtien, Renate. & Tate, Dennis., (Rochester, N.Y. : Camden House, [2011])
(WEB) DD281.6 The GDR remembered : representations of the East German state since 1989 / edited by Nick Hodgin and Caroline Pearce.
Book by Hodgin, Nick, & Pearce, Caroline, (Rochester, New York : Camden House, [2011])
(WEB) DF261.C8 Change and transition on Crete : interpreting the evidence from the Hellenistic through to the early Byzantine period.
(WEB) DK266.4 Soviet culture and power : a history in documents, 1917-1953 / Katerina Clark and Evgeny Dobrenko ; with Andrei Artizov and Oleg Naumov ; narrative, text preparation, and commentary by Katerina Clark and Evgeny Dobrenko ; documents compiled by Andrei Artizov and Oleg Naumov ; translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz.
Book by Clark, Katerina, & Dobrenko, E. A. & Artizov, A. N. & Naumov, Oleg V., (New Haven : Yale University Press, [2007])
(WEB) DK509 Systemizing the past : papers in Near Eastern and Caucasian archaeology dedicated to Pavel S. Avetisyan on the occasion of his 65th birthday / edited by Yervand Grekyan, Arsen Bobokhyan.
Book by Grekyan, Yervand H., & Bobokhyan, Arsen, (Oxford : Archaeopress Archaeology, 2023.)
(WEB) DP272 Spain : The Trials and Triumphs of a Modern European Country.
Book by Reid, Michael, (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) DR431 An archaeological survey of the Keban Reservoir area of east-central Turkey / by Robert Whallon.
Book by Whallon, Robert, (Ann Arbor : University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology, 1979.)
(WEB) DS119.7 A History of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Mark Tessler.
Book by Tessler, Mark A, (Bloomington : Indiana University Press, [1994])
(WEB) DS247.O63 Persistent pastoralism : monuments and settlements in the archaeology of Dhofar.
Book by McCorriston, Joy, (Oxford : Archaeopress, 2023.)
(WEB) DS32.7.G53 Carl A. Gibson-Hill : photography, history, boats, and birds in late-colonial Malaya and Singapore / by Brendan Luyt.
Book by Luyt, Brendan, (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2022.)
(WEB) DS435.7.P65 A shunned Indologist, Ludwig Poley (1805-1885) / Rosane Rocher.
Book by Rocher, Rosane, (Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2023.)
(WEB) DS463 Civilizing missions in colonial and postcolonial South Asia : from improvement to development / edited by Carey A. Watt and Michael Mann.
Book by Watt, Carey Anthony, & Mann, Michael, (London ; New York : Anthem Press, 2011.)
(WEB) DS559.92.C6 Nguyẽ̂n Cochinchina : southern Vietnam in the seventeenth and eighteen centuries / Li Tana.
Book by Li, Tana, (Ithaca, NY. : Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1998.)
(WEB) DS61.85 Orientalism : a reader / edited by A.L. Macfie.
Book by Macfie, A. L., (Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2000.)
(WEB) DS721 Essays on Chinese Civilization.
Book by Bodde, Derk, & Leblanc, Charles., (Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2014.)
(WEB) DS721 Confucianism and family rituals in imperial China : a social history of writing about rites / Patricia Buckley Ebrey.
Book by Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [1991])
(WEB) DS73.85 Esarhaddon, King of Assyria / Josette Elayi.
Book by Elayi, Josette, (Columbus, Georgia : Lockwood Press, 2022.)
(WEB) DS741.3.S683 Views from within, views from beyond : approaches to the Shiji as an early work of historiography / edited by Hans van Ess, Olga Lomová, and Dorothee Schaab-Hanke.
Book by Ess, Hans van, & Lomová, Olga, & Schaab-Hanke, Dorothee, (Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2015.)
(WEB) DS747 Western Chou civilization / Cho-yun Hsu and Katheryn M. Linduff.
Book by Xu, Zhuoyun, & Linduff, Katheryn M., (New Haven : Yale University Press, [1988])
(WEB) DS749.3 WORLD OF WU ZHAO : annotated selections from zhang zhuo's chaoye "qianzai".
Book by ROTHSCHILD, N. HARRY, ([S.l.] : ANTHEM PRESS, 2022.)
(WEB) DS777.55 The Left in China : A Political Cartography / Ralf Ruckus.
Book by Ruckus, Ralf, (London ; Las Vegas, NV : Pluto Press, 2023.)
(WEB) DS778.7 Policies of chaos : the organizational causes of violence in China's Cultural Revolution / Lynn T. White III.
Book by White, Lynn T., (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [1989])
(WEB) DS779.4 Studies of China and Chineseness since the Cultural Revolution. Volume 2, Micro intellectual history through de-central lenses / editors, Chih-Yu Shih, Mariko Tanigaki, Tina S. Clemente.
Book by Shi, Zhiyu, & Tanigaki, Mariko, & Clemente, Tina S., (Singapore : World Scientific, 2023.)
(WEB) DS786 A history of modern Tibet. Volume 4 In the eye of the storm, 1957-1959 Melvyn C. Goldstein
Book by Goldstein, Melvyn C., (Oakland, California University of California Press [2019])
(WEB) DS796.C53 The Chia-ting loyalists : Confucian leadership and social change in seventeenth-century China / Jerry Dennerline.
Book by Dennerline, Jerry, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [1981])
(WEB) DS796.M257 Macao and the British, 1637-1842 : prelude to Hong Kong / Austin Coates.
Book by Coates, Austin, (Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, HKU, 2009.)
(WEB) DS796.M2 A Macao Narrative.
Book by Coates, Austin, (Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, HKU, 2009.)
(WEB) DS799.712 Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, 1895-1945 : history, culture, memory / edited by Liao Ping-hui and David Der-wei Wang.
Book by Liao, Binghui, & Wang, Dewei, (New York : Columbia University Press, [2006])
(WEB) DS871 Studies in the institutional history of early modern Japan / edited by John W. Hall and Marius B. Jansen ; with an introduction by Joseph R. Strayer ; contributors Harumi Befu [and nine others].
Book by Hall, John W., & Jansen, Marius B., & Strayer, Joseph R. & Befu, Harumi, (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1970.)
(WEB) DS902.2 A Chinese traveler in medieval Korea : Xu Jing's illustrated account of the Xuanhe embassy to Koryo / translated, annotated, and with an introduction by Sem Vermeersch.
Book by Xu, Jing, & Vermeersch, Sem, (Honolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press, [2016])
(WEB) DS907.18 Past Forward : Essays in Korean History.
Book by Hwang, Kyung Moon, (London : Anthem Press, 2019.)
(WEB) DT25 The golden rhinoceros : histories of the African Middle Ages / Francois-Xavier Fauvelle ; translated by Troy Tice.
Book by Fauvelle-Aymar, François-Xavier, & Tice, Troy, (Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018])
(WEB) DT433.542 The colonial transformation of Kenya : the Kamba, Kikuyu, and Maasai from 1900 to 1939 / Robert L. Tignor.
Book by Tignor, Robert L., (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1976.)
(WEB) DU28.11 Oceanic archives, indigenous epistemologies, and transpacific American studies / edited by Yuan Shu, Otto Heim, Kendall Johnson.
Book by Shu, Yuan, & Heim, Otto, & Johnson, Kendall L., (Hong Kong : HKU Press, [2019])
(WEB) DU553.N35 Kilenge : West New Britain, Papua New Guinea : a pictoral ethnography / Derk H. van Groningen à Stuling.
(Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2023.)
(WEB) DU740.3 The magnificent boat : the colonial theft of a South Seas cultural treasure / Götz Aly ; translated by Jefferson Chase.
Book by Aly, Götz, & Chase, Jefferson S., (Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) E173 The Story of America : Essays on Origins.
(Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2012.)
(WEB) E721 Fighting for American manhood : how gender politics provoked the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars / Kristin L. Hoganson.
Book by Hoganson, Kristin L, (New Haven : Yale University Press, [1998])
(WEB) E77 The Rediscovery of America : Native Peoples and the Unmaking of U. S. History.
Book by Blackhawk, Ned, (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) E99.M47 Making the carry : the lives of John and Tchi-Ki-Wis Linklater / Timothy Cochrane.
Book by Cochrane, Timothy, (Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, [2023])
(WEB) F1059.5.T686 Making the scene : Yorkville and hip Toronto in the 1960s / Stuart Henderson.
Book by Henderson, Stuart Robert, (Toronto [Ont.] : University of Toronto Press, [2011])
(WEB) F1895.W65 A Jamaican plantation : the history of Worthy Park, 1670-1970 / Michael Craton and James Walvin.
Book by Craton, Michael, & Walvin, James, (Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, [1970])
(WEB) F387 Texas Lithographs : A Century of History in Images.
Book by Tyler, Ronnie C., (Austin : University of Texas Press, 2023.)
(WEB) F72.M7 The illustrated A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers / Henry D. Thoreau ; with photographs from the Gleason Collection ; text edited by Carl F. Hovde, William L. Howarth, and Elizabeth Hall Witherell.
Book by Thoreau, Henry David, & Hovde, Carl F., (Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2014.)
(WEB) FC3676.1.K46 Blue storm : the rise and fall of Jason Kenney / edited by Duane Bratt, Richard Sutherland, and David Taras.
Book by Bratt, Duane, & Sutherland, Richard, & Taras, David, (Calgary, Alberta : University of Calgary Press, 2023.)
(WEB) GN778.28 The horse, the wheel, and language : how Bronze-Age riders from the Eurasian steppes shaped the modern world / David W. Anthony.
Book by Anthony, David W., (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, ©2007.)
(WEB) JN5231 Forschungen zur reichs- und rechtsgeschichte Italiens / von Julius Ficker.
Book by Ficker, Julius, (Innsbruck : Wagner, 1868-1874.)
(WEB) JN6520.M5 The affirmative action empire : nations and nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 / Terry Martin.
Book by Martin, Terry, (Ithaca ; London : Cornell University Press, 2001.)
959.5103 S89 The Straits Philosophical Society & colonial elites in Malaya : selected papers on race, identity and social order 1893-1915 / edited by Lim Teck Ghee and Charles Brophy.
Book by Lim, Teck Ghee, & Brophy, Charles, (Singapore : ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, 2023.)
959.7044 D75 The dragon's underbelly : dynamics and dilemmas in Vietnam's economy and politics / edited by Nhu Truong and Tuong Vu.
Book by Truong, Nhu, & Vu, Tuong, (Singapore : ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, 2023.)
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[中] D767.6 .L568 2019 林蔚文抗戰遠征日記 = The expedition diaries of general Lin Wei-wen / 林蔚原著 ; 蘇聖雄主編.
Book by 林蔚, & 蘇聖雄, (香港 : 開源書局, 2019年8月.)
[中] DD290.3 .Z466 2017 动荡欧洲背景下的德国及中德关系 = Deutschland und die Chinesisch-Deutschen beziehungen vor dem hintergrund eines turbulenten Europas / 郑春荣主编.
Book by 中国欧洲学会. & 郑春荣, (北京市 : 社会科学文献出版社, 2022.)
[中] DS33 .G394 2022 亚洲史的研究方法 : 以近世东部亚洲海域为中心 / 葛兆光著
Book by 葛兆光, (北京 : 商務印書館, 2022)
[中] DS747.42 .F474 2022 想像的世界 : 唐宋觀念與思想 = World of imagination : rethinking the intellectual history of the Tang and Sung dynasties / 馮志弘.
Book by 馮志弘, (香港 : 香港城市大學出版社, 2022.)
[中] DS777.533.M3 J564 2020 近代中日關係史料彙編 : 蘆溝橋事變前後的中日外交關係 = Historical documents on modern Sino-Japanese relations : Sino-Japanese relations before and after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident / 陳新林, 呂芳上總編輯.
Book by 陳新林, & 呂芳上, (香港 : 開源書局, 2020.)
[中] DS778.5 .Z486 2022 右傳 : 反右派鬥爭史 = Youzhuan : the history of the anti-rightist movement in China / 朱正.
Book by 朱正, (香港 : 香港城市大學出版社, [2022])
[平] DS797.26.J533 J534 1964 建寧府志 / 范高, 汪佃序.
Book by 范高, & 汪佃, ([上海] : 上海古籍書店, 1964.)
[中] DS797.28.D864 S484 2018 丝绸之路与敦煌历史文化学术研讨会论文集 / 敦煌市博物馆编.
(沈阳市 : 万卷出版公司, 2019.)
[平] DS797.39.G8343 G83 1963 廣平府志 / 陳棐修.
Book by 陳棐, (上海 : 上海古籍書店, 1963.)
[平] DS797.44.W457 W4523 1963 尉氏縣志 / 汪心[纂修].
Book by 汪心, ([上海] : 上海古籍書店, 1963.)
[平] DS797.56.K856 K844 1963 崑山縣志 / 方鵬序.
Book by 方鵬, ([上海] : 上海古籍書店, 1963.)
[中] DS797.57.N363 N3684 2020 南昌行營 : 參謀團大事記 = Generalissimo's Nanchang field headquarter military staff records / 編者民國歷史文化學社編輯部 ; 總編輯陳新林, 呂芳上.
Book by 陳新林 & 呂芳上, & 賀國光, (香港 : 開源書局 ; 台北市 : 民國歷史文化學社, 2020.)
[中] DS797.57.N363 N3688 2020 南昌行營 : 政治工作報告 = Generalissimo's Nanchang field headquarter political reports / 編者民國歷史文化學社編輯部 ; 總編輯陳新林, 呂芳上.
Book by 陳新林 & 呂芳上, (香港 : 開源書局 ; 臺北市 : 民國歷史文化學社, 2020.)

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